Coming Soon…


Keep your eyes peeled and needles at the ready…Frank is almost here!!!!!


Frank’s Alright!!

Ever have a project that keeps giving you fits then all of a sudden you have an “Ah-HA” moment..??

Yeah…that’s been me with Frank, we’ve been fighting a bit lately.

I had yet another bad start….which I really thought was gonna be perfect until all of a sudden it wasn’t. UGH!! There may have been a few cuss words and some pulling of hair involved with the realization that it just wasn’t right….again. ::sigh::

So I sat down with pen and paper and started to sketch (yes, I know I should have done that FIRST) and found my shape…kinda like a pill box hat. Brilliant. It will give me that flat top look I’m looking for here. So Frank has taken on a slightly adapted pill box sorta shape… He’s gonna be just fine…cool even!! I can’t wait to finish him… So much so that I am kinda ticked off I actually have to work today!! But, I should have him done this weekend… Photo’s soon!!!!!

So, do you like my new look?? Decided it was time for a change. How about that glorious photo of my mitt pattern, Namaste’!?! The photo was taken by none other than the genius dyer of the yarn the mitts use!!! Go check out her site, Kama Suutra Fiber Arts…she does amazing things with color… Oh, and pick up a kit for the mitts while you’re at it!! ; )

Happy Weekend…do something spontaneous!!!

Process vs. Finished Object

I’m not a prolific knitter. I don’t churn out tons of glorious knits…and yet, I knit ALL THE TIME… What am I doing, if not finishing one wonderful object after another? I’m a technique junkie. I would happily knit swatches all day long, if I were learning new techniques. I’m what you call a “process” knitter, as apposed to a “finished object” knitter.

I have been this way since the beginning of my crafting life…not just with knitting. As soon as I have a technique down, I’m ready for something new…whether the project is done or not. Let’s just say my UFO pile is unseemly…scary, even…and a bit depressing. I’ve started lately to feel the weight of that pile…and started to feel very unsatisfied with it.

A few years ago I started getting involved with swaps…lots of them…a mind-numbing number of them. I found, after the first few, that they were helping me FINISH projects. I had to…no choice. I was committed and there was no looking back. These swaps helped me to see the value and joy in a finished piece… So, I kept joining them, then more and more… Then they started to make me sad…because all these wonderful things I was finishing were being sent away…to complete strangers…never to be seen by me again.

I’ve come to the end of my swapping life…mostly because I’m about to become insanely busy (and broke) with school (19 days!!!). But also because I am starting, finally, to feel the need to KEEP something I’ve made. To make something just for me…and not some quick little pair of hand warmers…but THINGS…for ME… What a wondrous concept!! To knit for myself. Huh. I’ve finally started to see the appeal in that. Not that I’ve never worked on anything meant for me…but I have rarely finished anything meant for me. (note aforementioned UFO pile, ahem)

So…have I started anything just for me??? Yes.

Do I plan on finishing it?????? Yes.

Well, what is it, for Pete’s sake?? (have you ever wondered who, exactly “Pete” is?)

I am working on the Limestone One Skein Shawl, by Michelle Miller. (I”ll link it later, go search it on Ravelry for now)  It’s a lovely, easy to work pattern. I am ready to start the 5th repeat of the body chart (there are 8 repeats) and I every time I have to put it down, I pout. I NEED to knit on this… I NEED to finish it…

What makes it even better is I am using Sanguine Gryphon, Skinny Bugga! in “Frog-Legged Leaf Beetle“. It is LUSH!!!! I can’t sing the praises of Sanguine Gryphon enough… I mean, think about it…it’s indie hand-dyed yarn… I AM an indie hand-dyer… I don’t buy other hand-dyes often…but I will plunk down money for their yarn anytime I am able…and do so with a fevered relish. THEY ROCK THE DYE POT!! They are worth every cent you will pay for them. Seriously.

I don’t have a photo yet…but I’ll snap one this weekend and post it. I don’t post enough photo’s. Blogs are kinda boring without the eye candy, don’t you think??

Happy Stitches!!!