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Get r’done.

Do you ever have days where you have things to do at work but you just can’t seem to make yourself do them…and you just end up shuffling papers around you desk all day in a vain attempt to actually get something done? (or at least appear too?)

Yeah…one of those days.  I have a stack on invoices on my desk that need to be entered and…..>yawn<

All day long I have been mentally knitting/designing a Frankenstein hat for my friend Erin.  You see, I have this mantra running through my head right now… >GOTTAGETITDONE  GOTTAGETITDONE  SCHOOLISSTARTNGSOON  GOTTAGETITDONE   MADEAPROMISE  GOTTAGETITDONE<

So, I’m gonna get r’ done.  I’ve had a few false starts, but now I think I have the gauge adjusted properly and away I go!!  I’m almost done with the top of the hat (the lid as I have been mentally calling it) and I’m getting ready to pick up stitches for the forehead/back of head.  It’s interesting trying to knit a cube to fit something round.  Here’s to hoping it will retain a bit of the cube-ness.  ::shrug::  We shall see.

I’m also still writing up the pattern for that damn vest (yes, now it’s become ‘that damn’ vest).  I’m struggling with making the shaping make sense in words.  I know what I mean…but…ugh…putting it all into words…  I may just let it go and see what the testers have to say…see what ACTUALLY needs to be refined and what I’m just being a bit mental about.  +

So…with two weeks and ½ day until school starts, my new goals:

-Get Frank hat knit, written (doing this as I go) and to testers

-Get vest pattern written and to testers (which really is ALMOST there)

-Finish crochet and knit traveling wrap groups (at least the shawls currently in my possession)

-Finish Limestone Shawl – FOR ME!!!!!!!!

That’s it. 

That is all I’m gonna try to fit into two weeks. 

I can do it. 



I know I can. 





But just in case, can you all cross your fingers for me???

I’ll leave you with a few shop teasers!!



My very first ad for my Etsy shop is up and running at Ravelry!!!  Here’s a peek of what it looks like in action:

I love it…well, of course I do, it’s mine… It’s my design, it’s my shop and it’s my yarn… I couldn’t be happier.

Other news…

I haven’t talked about it on here…at all I think, which is weird (I will quietly dissect that fact later)…but I’ve been writing a pattern.  Like an honest to gods pattern.  I’ve designed things before, made stuff up as I went…all that stuff that lots of crafter’s do.  But this….this I set out to write a pattern and I’ll be damned if I didn’t actually DO IT.  I have two test knitters working on it right now…  I am hoping that everything is A-OK with it.  I knit one of them (hang on, I’ll tell you what in a minute) as I was writing the pattern and then I knit the second one FROM the written pattern… I only found two errors in the written pattern and fixed them right off.

Okay, okay…chill out…  It’s a pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ll give you photo’s and the whole story tomorrow when I’m not so tired…  For now…it’s sleepy time.

Good night and happy stitches.