Today you are you!

Inspired by a dear friend who is currently decorating her nursery for the impending arrival of Lil’ Miss Awesomeness… I have revisited my love for Dr. Seuss.

My favorite quote:

Today you are you.
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is youer than you.

Wise words there.

Now, for knitting news!

Pattern Writing:

The Vest
Currently on hold. A few issues have popped up and are being dealt with, but until things are worked out…it’s been tabled. Eventually, one way or another, it will be completed and released.

Other pattern writing adventures
I’ve recently been approached by my friend Erin over at Fiberolio to work up a few patterns for her handspun wonder yarns!! I’m excited about the prospect of working with some amazing handspun! Go get yourself some, she does awesome, soft, squishy, fluffy wonderous work!!!!

I have had the idea of a cardigan that has been running around my head for ages and no time to work on it…but, soon…very, very soon… It will involve: fingering and lace weight yarns, perhaps some worsted if I’m feeling frisky; interesting shaping, lace work and other fun stuff!! I have yet to decide on which yarns I will be using…but I have one company in mind…we shall see!!!

Selfish Knitting:

I have decided that I have been doing not enough knitting for myself. 99% of what I have been working on for the past 2+ years has been for other people and I have needs, too, dammitall!!!! So…I am currently working on two selfish profects.

One, the Dream In Color Shrug, using DIC Classy in the Black Parade colorway… GORGEOUS. I cannot wait until it’s done. I love the pattern and I love the yarn and I love the color!!

The other, Lazy Lara shawl…in an amazing teal semi-solid from Sanguine Gryphon, in their new lace weight yarn, Mithril…colorway called Bottled Imp. Makes me swoon it’s so gorgeous…the sheer depth of color blows your mind. The pattern is wonderful!! Challenging enough to hold my interest but not so hard that I want to poke my eyes out. It is fantastic and about 85% done!!! I can’t wait!!

A note about my new favorite yarn…
I have been hearing about Sanguine Gryphon yarn for a while now…and when I found out they were going to be at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this year… I had to see what the fuss was all about. Yeah…WOW. Mostly semi-solid colors, but since semi-solid is my new favorite thing ever… I was in heaven!!!! I got a skein of Mithril (lace) in Bottled Imp and 2 skeins of Skinny Bugga (fingering) in Tomato Frog (a to die for RED)…and wish like hell I had picked up more….but that is what the website is for!! If you have not tried Sanguine Gryphon’s yarn…GO GET SOME NOW!!!!! No, I mean it…NOW!!!

That’s all for now…
Until next time…have happiness!!!


Adventures in Pattern Writing

So yeah…it’s been ages… What can I say, I’m a busy girl!  Althought I have said it before, I am going to try (key word = try) to write more frequently.  I know that I should and I think it would help me in my creative process to actually write out what’s going on…so I’m going to try.  I am.  I swear.

So…with that said…

In GirlGoneLoopy Shop News:

Not much, sadly.  I have been so seriously busy with a million other things, that the shop has been a little neglected as of late.  ::sigh::  This makes me sad.  I need more hours in the day or I need to be okay with sleeping 2 hours a night.

In Pattern Writing News:

In September of last year, I released my very first pattern, the Namaste Mitts.  It was a collaborative effort between me and the mastermind behind Kama Suutra Fiber Arts, Rue.  She wanted something that really showcased the yarn and I provided the vehicle to show off it’s fancy driving.  It was magic.

Soon after that release, she came to me with another yarn, and said “Do it again…this time with a vest.”  I said, “Sure, why not!!”  There were some brainstorming sessions and some creative discussions, much debate on the overall “feel” we wanted and then I set to work.

Then I fretted.

Then I panicked.

Then I bemoaned my sweater knitting virgin status.  Having never knit a fitted, shaped garment (I know, seriously..WTH??) I just didn’t understand shaping and fitting the way I should in order to design a fitted piece.

So what’s a girl to do??  Here she is, no fitted garment experience and she’s agreed to write this pattern and doesn’t have the first clue HOW to do it!!  What was she thinking!! UGH!!  So, she did what any logical girlgoneloopy would do, she started studying.  I pulled out every book, magazine, article I own and started to research shaping and vests, in particular.  I started to pay attention to decreases and increases and learned how they work to make the knitting flow and look a certain way.

Then I started to plan.

Now…enter the yarn.  It’s a glorious skein consisting of two contrasting self-striping yarn (much like for the Namaste Mitts only a different weight and colorway)…  The dilemma, how was I going to divide the fronts and yet make the colors flow properly from one side to the other the same way they do across the back??  I avoided the obvious answer for as long as I could because the answer is the one thing in the knitting world that seriously scares the crap out of me.  The answer: Steeks.  ::shudder.gulp::

Steeks.  Where you knit a panel of extra stitches into the knitting then CUT THEM ::gasp!:: when you are done with the piece to separate whatever it is you need to divide.  ::shudder.shudder::  Who in their right mind wants to CUT their KNITTING?!?!?!!!  With SCISSORS!!?! ::sob::  Not I, says me!!  But yet, here I am, faced with designing not only my first fitted garment, but faced with my ultimate knitting fear…steeking.  ::sigh::

I decided that just because the word “steek” makes me want to hide under the yarn pile, doesn’t mean that it makes everyone want to do the same.  Just because the thought of cutting my knitting makes me want to throw up a little (a lot), doesn’t mean that I can’t do it (‘you can do eeeeit!!!‘)…very, very carefully.

I decided that I need to conquer this fear once and for all and perhaps help someone else to do the same.

Wish me luck… I’m about to cast on the trial piece.


In Heather’s Life News:

As you know, in July of 2010, I lost my job…and the job hunt began.  I was unemployed for five months before anything came along. During those five months, I devoted myself to pushing my creativity to the next level and got my Etsy Shop up and running.  There were many days that I worked 10-12 hours, on my feet all day in a steamy kitchen in the middle of a ghastly hot summer (with no AC mind you) dyeing like some kind of mad woman…and I have never been happier…exhausted, but happy.  Hot, sweaty and achey, but happy.

When something finally came along was a temp job through an agency, but at least it was something.  So, since the end of December I’ve been working at a computer engineering firm as an admin assistant. It an okay job at an okay place…it does not feed my soul.  The job was due to end after the first week of May, they’ve recently asked me to stay on through the end of May at least, and they’ve told me around mid-May they will decide whether or not to keep me for longer than that. ::sigh::  I would be an complete idiot to turn it down in this job market.  But I want to be happy and feel some sort of sense of accomplishment at my job and I don’t get that here. (Hell, I haven’t had that feeling at any of my jobs, really)  Perhaps it’s because I am doing someone else’s job right now.  I don’t know.  I have had a hard time getting my feet under me at this job…again, pehaps because it is temporary.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am grateful to have this job while so many people are still out of work.  The people have all been very nice and helpful.

Avery thinks I’m crazy to attach so much Self to my job.  It’s just a job, he says.  But if I’m going to spend 40 hours a week doing something, I want that something to feel worthwhile to me.  If I am going to spend so much time doing something that is taking me away from my home and my creative pursuits (which is where we all know my heart and passion truly lies), that something had better damn well be worth it.  Is it wrong to feel that way?  I don’t think so.  Think about it this way, 40 hours is about 24% of my whole week …almost a quarter(1/3 of my five day work week!!)…that is a lot of something, in my mind.  I spend less time sleeping during those five days than I do working.  If I am going to be forced to work outside my passion, then I want to at least enjoy the work.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Does anyone know an opening for a terminally creative person willing to bust ass for 10+ hours a day doing something she’s passionate about that pays enough to keep me alive???  Yeah, didn’t think so.  I have a fridge magnet that sums up the eternal struggle of the hopelessly creative perfectly, it says “I do many things well, non of which generate income.”  Ain’t that the truth.  Dream on.

Have Happiness!!!!


My very first ad for my Etsy shop is up and running at Ravelry!!!  Here’s a peek of what it looks like in action:

I love it…well, of course I do, it’s mine… It’s my design, it’s my shop and it’s my yarn… I couldn’t be happier.

Other news…

I haven’t talked about it on here…at all I think, which is weird (I will quietly dissect that fact later)…but I’ve been writing a pattern.  Like an honest to gods pattern.  I’ve designed things before, made stuff up as I went…all that stuff that lots of crafter’s do.  But this….this I set out to write a pattern and I’ll be damned if I didn’t actually DO IT.  I have two test knitters working on it right now…  I am hoping that everything is A-OK with it.  I knit one of them (hang on, I’ll tell you what in a minute) as I was writing the pattern and then I knit the second one FROM the written pattern… I only found two errors in the written pattern and fixed them right off.

Okay, okay…chill out…  It’s a pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ll give you photo’s and the whole story tomorrow when I’m not so tired…  For now…it’s sleepy time.

Good night and happy stitches.