Busy Bee

So my first week of school is done and I can say that my knitting is really gonna take a back seat. On Mon, Tue and Wed my knitting time consisted of about 10 minutes during my lunch break at work, then about 5 minutes during my break at school. I could have knit on the way from work to class, but didn’t… It would have given me about 45-50 minutes, and I prolly should take advantage of that or I won’t get anything done!

I am ALMOST done with the Limestone shawl. I have about 3 or 4 repeats of the 18 st/11 row lace edging to do then it’s time for blocking! I can’t wait! This is the first thing I have knit for myself in a very long time! I am so excited, I can’t wait to wear it!

I have, sadly, not worked on the Frank Hat pattern or the Vest pattern. This week was just too insane, emotional and exhausting and this weekend I completely bonked. I was so tired…and cranky…and tired…and I barely touched any knitting. My body should adjust to the new schedule by the end of this week, hopefully (knowing me) so, I’ll be back to my productive self soon!

I am planning to finish the Frank Hat pattern on Thursday while I’m off work (after studying of course)…and turn it over to Erin!! I can’t wait to show you all photo’s! It’s so cool and fun! Need a quick Halloween outfit…this is it!

Then…on to the vest…which has become my beast of burden…but in a loving way. I love it…but figuring out math for the different sizes is killing me. It will not beat me…nope. I’ll get it.

So after that I have Avery’s sweater, which I am plugging away on. I am working on both sleeves at the same time and I have about 8″ or so done on them…a long way to go, but at least when they are done….they are BOTH done and no second sleeve syndrome to deal with! After the sleeves I will only have the neck band to do and it’s done!!!!! It will be my Friday Night / Weekend project because it is really too big to carry around with me.

Well, then what am I going to carry around with me, when I’m done with the shawl??
Hmm… I have found the most delightful project…so easy and so portable…and just friggin’ adorable!! I am making the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits…. It is a knitted quilt made up of all these little poly-fill stuffed hexigrams she calls “hexipuffs”… I love.love.love it. And I have so many little bits of yarn laying around that this is perfect for me!!! All I need to carry around is a few bits of yarn, a handful of poly-fill and needles… Yes, it will take forever…but how cool is it gonna be when it’s done, huh??? (ask me how much I still love it when I am 300 hexipuffs in).  See look…isn’t adorable!!!

There is a long weekend coming up… I am hoping to make the curtains I promised my friend Sarah…we’re doing an exchange. She was destashing and offered to trade me some lovely yarn for some curtains…and I said sure! Now that her kitchen remodel is done…’tis curtain time!! It’s very cool…she wants cafe’ style retro-mod-ish curtains in mainly orange tones. Yay!! I can’t wait… I haven’t had my sewing machine out for a while. I’m going fabric shopping this coming Saturday!

That is it in the crafty world… What’s up in your’s?? Anything fun for the coming Autumn?