Uh…is this thing on? ::tap.tap.tap::

Hmm…four years of silence. How does one even begin to break that?  Hmrph.

When last we spoke, I was sobbing over a shattered laptop screen, unemployed and trying to pull myself together to finish cooking Thanksgiving dinner… I kinda left ya’all hanging, like I said “I see you shiver with antici…..” and never gave you the “…..pation” part.  Sorry about that.  In the past four years, life fell apart, came back together, went one direction then, rather suddenly, was yanked in another.   When I left you four years ago…life, if I’m honest, was kinda bleak for me….now, life is pretty brilliant.

So, let me explain…  No, no, there is too much, let me sum up…well..maybe more than a sum up…

Four years ago, after losing yet another office job due to the failing economy, I decided instead of looking for another job to suck the life out of me, I was going go back to school.  For what, you ask?  Cosmetology.  Yes….beauty school.  I had always been interested in it; it was creative, it made people happy (if you did it right) and had a flexible schedule.  So, I went for it.  While I was in school, I accepted a part-time job at The Alpaca Yarn Company.  I knew the owner, Beth, and when she reached out, I jumped at the opportunity to help them out for a few hours a week.  So, school and part time job…awesome!

The need for extra help dried up at The AYC about 2 weeks before I graduated from school, which was kinda perfect timing.  I got a job right away… I got it so quickly, that I had to wait for my license to arrive before I could actually get on the schedule.  Everything was falling into place.

Then, disaster struck…for someone else.  The full-time yarn dyer at The AYC needed carpel tunnel surgery…could I help out with the dyeing while she was down…sure.  So, here I am with a nearly-full time salon job, and starting back at the yarn company….there were stretches of 20+ days of work in a row….I would occasionally have a half day off…  I was exhausted, but I was happy… Oh, did I also mention that I was also planning a wedding during all of this too?  Luckily, I had a dead-simple wedding…two ceremonies, tho. One (legal) just with family…then one big party with all our friends…. But I’m squirreling…sort of.

Back to disaster…the full-time dyer, with all the carpel tunnel issues also was diagnosed with a degenerative elbow problem, too.  The longer she did this job (dyeing) the worse her elbow pain was gonna get.  How heartbreaking it must be to be told your dream job is destroying your body??  I still feel so bad for her… I know how much it would hurt me.  So, she decided to leave, took another job…put in her notice.  I decided that I would leave the salon and take the full-time yarn dyeing position.  And then, I landed in the hospital.  Severe diverticulitis infection… I had been having mild abdominal pain and nausea for a few weeks… I was so busy (remember 20+ day stretches of work), that I ignored it…. I chalked it up to kidney stones and went about my business… It wasn’t kidney stones….and it landed me in the hospital for 3 days… Right as I am taking over the full-time position, leaving another job and about a two weeks away from getting married…talk about a full-blown panic attack!

So, anyway…..sum up is turning into long story…so let me end abruptly.

I’ve been the full-time dyer at The Alpaca Yarn Company for about a year and a half now and I couldn’t be happier.  It did, however, put quite the damper on my indie dyeing….of which I do very little of anymore.  It’s a trade off, I guess.

So, here’s to fresh starts, all around.

Happy stitches!



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