::sigh:: Again…?

So, some of you may remember that in July of last year I lost my full-time office manager’s job and was out of work for five months before accepting a temp job.  The temp job was a ‘fill in while on maternity leave” kind of job, due to end in May of this year…  It didn’t end in May, mostly because right after she came back to work she got in a car accident that prevented her from working full-time for a while.  She’s back to work full-time now and business is slow enough that my time here is coming to an end.  It’s all good… I came in here knowing it was temporary and it’s lasted a lot longer than I ever thought it would.  They are dropping me down to three days a week (Mon – Wed) and keeping me on until the end of the year, or until I find a new job, which ever comes first.

So…back to the job hunt, again… This is the third time in 4 years that I’ve had to look for a new job… I’m beginning to take it personally.  The problem with finding a new job is my school schedule.  It has to be a day job, so retail isn’t an option.  I simply can’t tell a retail job that I am not available to work any nights…it won’t fly.  Also, because of what I am in school for, most office jobs will shy away from hiring me because they know I won’t stay.  So, another temp job would be cool.  Also because of school, I really want to work in York.  That way I’ll be able to work Mon – Fri.  As it is now, working in Baltimore, I have to take Thursdays off because of Avery’s band practice schedule.  There is no way he could get me up to school and get back down to Towson in time for practice, let alone all the lessons he teaches before practice even starts.  So….York would be much better.

I am a little depressed, I must say.  I was really hoping this job would just keep going until I was done with school… They work with my schedule and pay enough to keep me afloat, even if I have to tread water a bit.  Not that I love the job… I don’t.  I’m not cut out for office work, which is the reason I’m in school.  But, it’s convenient. ::sigh::  Oh well. 

So here I am, down to three days a week, which, according to the unemployment office, makes me too much money to qualify for partial aid.  I make $44.00 a week over the limit.  $44.00…really?  Bastards.  So we’re also back to a budget that would make the most frugal of us light-headed. 

I could get my shop back up and running except that I have no money to replenish my supplies.  So…what’s a crafty girl to do?  Answer: Anything I can.

I have a ton of fabric, so I’ll make some simple project bags, as long as my sewing machine cooperates…it’s been testy the last few times I’ve tried to use it.  I have beads, so I’ll make some stitch markers. I still have a few pounds of roving, so I’ll dye that and perhaps even spin some to sell.  I also want to start making some hair accessories and get them in there… Perhaps I’ll paint some nail art for glue-on nail sets…(great for a night out!).  I paint them and all you have to do is glue them on top of your nail! Bang!  Instant nails!

This will give me some time to get caught up on things around home, too.  My closet looks like a bomb went off at a Goodwill…and my “studio” looks like an infirmary for boxes and garbage bags that are puking craft supplies and yarn everywhere.  It’s time to sort and clean and organize to hell and back!

So…wish me luck and if you know of any job openings, toss me the bone!!  LOL



2 thoughts on “::sigh:: Again…?

  1. Dara John says:

    A few ideas, Baby. First, see if the company you work for will drop you a little more, just $50 dollars worth so you qualify for unemployment….

    Secondly, I have had an idea for an accessory for some time and you were too busy to suggest it to. Scarves are very popular now. I can see a scarf holding accessory that would work to either hold the two tails together in a “jeweled” way or to put on the dangling ends of the scarf for additional decoration. It would be tubular with maybe a hinge or something and the tube would be adorned with – whatever. Beads, materials, knitting, anything to make it look attractive. Am I being clear? Call me…… Momma

  2. No, you don’t get it. I would only qualify for $X a week…period…and I already make more than that… If I made less, they’d only make up the difference… So really, I’m better off the way I am.

    You’re being clear and it DOES give me an idea!!!!! THANKS MOMMA!!!!!!!!!

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