Free time..?? NO WAY!!

So, by now, I’m sure all of you are sick to death of me whining about my schedule, lack of knitting time, sleep deprivation, and the rest of it.
Even I am sick of hearing it!

So, if not the usual, then what fresh hell am I bringing you today?? Hmmm???

Nope, no hell…just taking a moment to sing the praises of a weekend totally free!!! I have no plans, no where to go, nothing that I HAVE to do (except maybe some laundry)… I may………MAY……..even dye some roving up for the shop…may…no promises…depends on how lazy I feel. ::wink:: Don’t get too excited, it may not happen…

Avery and I really need some “us” time. We’re not getting a whole lot of that now. Maybe we’ll go poke around some antique shops or load ourselves down with a bunch of books from The York Emporium… (If you’re a book lover and you’ve never been…GO NOW… So much fun…just wear a coat…it’s not heated very well!!)

I could possibly even see a trip to Ikea happening…tho, I’m thinking I don’t wanna drive that far…

I don’t even care if we don’t leave the house!!! I’m just glad for some down time!! : )


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