Knitting…? What knitting?


Have you read my other blog post from today?? 

I knew I was going to be busy, but I…for some odd reason…didn’t think about how much it would impact my knitting.  I have knit a total of maybe 10 minutes this whole week.  Yes, 10 minutes…for the WEEK.  I’ve been so tired this week that even when I’m sitting still for a moment (in the car, on break at school) I just haven’t wanted to do anything.  Week one of school wasn’t bad, week two…meh… Week…week four – kicking my ass.  Now that I’ve come to the exhaustion stage, my body will make peace with it and I should start feeling better.  It took me longer to get to this “dead-tired” point than I thought, but here I am…and I can’t even remember how to spell my name.  :-/

I really…..REALLLY… so friggin’ close to finishing that damn Frank hat…  I did the photo tutorials on the very few (two) tricky parts of the pattern and now all that’s left is a few “action” shots of the hat…the one’s I took last week were total crap (trying to take a decent “posed” photo of yourself sucks).  I will be enlisting Avery this weekend to help me out as my Frankie model…possibly tonight if we have time.  After that, it’s done.

Just a reminder: End of Summer Sale is still on in the Shop, thru September 22nd, longer if you ask nice!  ; )

Happy weekend, all!!


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