25 Days and Counting…

That’s what I have left until school starts… 25 days…it seems like nothing and SO LONG at the same time. As my last post stated, I have a ton I would like to get done before school starts and only 25 days to get it done in. UGH!! I also have to freaking wait a whole 25 days until school starts!! UGH!!

See what I mean?

I’m struggling here lately, on the knitting front. I have these things that I NEED to do which is vastly different from what I WANT to do. After these NEEDS are done… It’s gonna be a whole lotta WANT for a long while…at least until school is done. I will have precious little crafty time and I ain’t making nothing I don’t want to. : )

I think one thing that is gonna be at the top of my WANT list is a sweater for myself. I have a sweater’s quantity of Brooks Farm Mas Acero in a lush, snappy grass green that will just make you swoon it’s so lovely. I haven’t decided on a pattern yet… But I have 1600 yards of loveliness to use!!! Tho… I may stick to small, easy, portable knits while in school. Projects I can pick up and knit a few rows on here and there. I think my brain will be pretty much occupied with school stuff, work and lack of sleep and I will just need some serious brainless knitting. I may lose my mind with the dullness of it, but at least I will have things that I will actually finish…maybe. ; )

I’ve been spending some time lately reading the blog of one of my favorite designers, Jared Flood . I’ve been following the new version of the blog for a while now, but I decided to go back to the beginning and start reading from the oldest entry… I’m almost done with the second year of the blog…I am stunned in what a short time frame he went from what seems like a relatively new-ish knitter to a awesome, inspiring, fresh, hip designer (no, I don’t like him at all..can you tell??) ; ) And now even has his own freaking yarn line, Shelter Wool ! I am so very impressed by his talent and growth over the short five years since he started the blog. I hope to accomplish as much some day. For now, I will collect all my ideas and keep dreaming!

Speaking of designers…my top fave’s (at this moment), in no order…

Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark

Jared Flood

Josh Bennett

Stephen West

Amy Herzog

There are, of course, a million others…but these seem to be catching my eye in a very good way…especially Mercedes… I have yet to see something she has designed that I don’t want, NEED, to knit….hmm….perhaps her Girl Friday will be the answer to my Brooks Farm yarn!!


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