Time is not my friend right now…


Ever make a list of the things that really need to be done ASAP and realize that unless you have 50 hours in a day, 12 days in a week, need NO sleep, have six versions of yourself and each one has about 20 sets of hands that it is all just not gonna get done in a timely manner???

Yeah..me, too.

Welcome to C.H.O.C.(pronouced: ‘choke’)- Club Hopelessly Over-Committed. I’m the freakin’ president. Sit down and we’ll begin.

I’ll start: My name is Heather and I am CHOC-ing.

In the few short weeks before school starts, while working full time and on top of normal household duties, I need to finish:

-Writing up my vest pattern – (75% done)
-Knit and write pattern for Frank Hat – (10% done)
-Finish Traveling Wrap Group, Knit – (90% done)
-Finish Traveling Wrap Group, Crocchet – (80% done)
-Get Dye Swap package out in the mail – (95% done)
-Photo and list 21 newly dyed skeins of yarn in Etsy shop – (0% done) (but YAY!!!!!!!)
-Clean out closet – (lmao)
-Move studio/craftiness/yarn back to 3rd floor (snort)
-Move bedroom back down to 2nd floor of house – (roflmao)
-Clean and organize studio space – (roflmaopimp)

There’s more…but it’s getting too depressing as it is!! LOL


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