What?? More than one sentence? Shut the front door!!

So…it’s been awhile since I’ve posted more than one line or so… What’s up, you ask?

Dye Update:

I haven’t dyed anything since January… Life has been super busy. I have set aside some time the last weekend of this month to dye up the remainder of my undyed yarn…and if I have time, some roving. After that, the dyeing will be on hiatus for a while…and/or happen very sporadically for a good chunk of months (see Life Update for reason). I will be trying to keep small crafty bits in the shop during the hiatus, just to keep things going. Look for stitch markers, jewelry, hair accessories and other little bits in the coming months.

Knitting Update:

Vest: The vest pattern is currently being written up (by me) albeit, slowly and will then be making its way into the hands of test knitters. I do not have a release date for it yet, but I will keep you updated. I would love to show you photo’s but that has to wait… What I can tell you it is a wonderful, simple-to-work, lots of bang for your buck multi-color slip stitch pattern. Love it!!

Frank Hat: My friend Erin, over at Fiberolio, has charged me with the task of writing a pattern for a Frankenstein-stlye topper, out of her lovely hand-spun yarn, due for release before Halloween…again, no date yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

Personal Knitting: I’ve been working on a few things, but most of them are for other people…in that I am in two Traveling Shawl Groups right now (one knitting, one crochet) so that has been keeping me busy. I have also made a few baby items for a friend who is due to pop in August!! (Yay!! Baby!!! One that I can give back!! Double YAY!!) The shawl I mentioned a few posts ago has been patiently waiting for me to have the time to concentrate on it again…my mind has been jelly lately…and it’s a tough lace pattern. I am about to pull out Avery’s cardigan again, I’ve promised it to him by the time it gets cold enough to wear it and I plan on making good on that. (Keep your fingers crossed for me on that one!!)

Life Update:

So…what’s really up with me?? I’ve decided, after 20 years of dragging my feet, to go to Cosmetology school. I’ve looked into it several times since high school and just never done it…even tho I was pretty sure I’d be happy and be good at it. Now…now it the time! I took the plunge and got myself registered and enrolled and classes start August 22nd. For the next 20 months my life is gonna be INSANE. I will work full-time days and attend school Mon-Thurs, evenings. It will be worth it…I can feel it….but I can also feel the exhaustion that headed my way, as well. Wish me luck!! 

Speaking of going for it…is there anything that you’ve always wanted to do??????  GO FOR IT!!!!!


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