They suck.

Especially when your yarn is slippery.

So… I knit a swatch and tried my hand at steeking…which isn’t all that scary on a swatch.  I tried the traditional, no reinforcement steek first.  The unraveling was monsterous!  Traditional is not gonna work for this.

Up next:  The Crochet Reinforced Steek.

Hold on to your butts!!


You can let go of your butts. 

Steeking with this yarn isn’t gonna work, I’m afraid.  It’s too slippery.  Even the crocheted method just slipped right out of the crochet with a gentle tug….and wearing a garment, there will be more than gentle tugging going on.


Okay.  So, here it is.  The fronts will look have a different striping than the back.  That’s just the way it’s gonna be and I need to accept that.  I can let that get to me. 

Pushing forward.


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