My very first ad for my Etsy shop is up and running at Ravelry!!!  Here’s a peek of what it looks like in action:

I love it…well, of course I do, it’s mine… It’s my design, it’s my shop and it’s my yarn… I couldn’t be happier.

Other news…

I haven’t talked about it on here…at all I think, which is weird (I will quietly dissect that fact later)…but I’ve been writing a pattern.  Like an honest to gods pattern.  I’ve designed things before, made stuff up as I went…all that stuff that lots of crafter’s do.  But this….this I set out to write a pattern and I’ll be damned if I didn’t actually DO IT.  I have two test knitters working on it right now…  I am hoping that everything is A-OK with it.  I knit one of them (hang on, I’ll tell you what in a minute) as I was writing the pattern and then I knit the second one FROM the written pattern… I only found two errors in the written pattern and fixed them right off.

Okay, okay…chill out…  It’s a pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ll give you photo’s and the whole story tomorrow when I’m not so tired…  For now…it’s sleepy time.

Good night and happy stitches.


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