Introducing: Namaste’

Okay…so long story made shortish…

A few months ago I faved a pattern for socks on Ravelry… A friend of mine saw that I had and asked if I would knit up a pair with her hand dyed as a sample for her yarn shop.  I said “Sure!!!!”  It didn’t work out so well…so I said “How ’bout I write you a sock pattern for this yarn?”  She said “Brilliant!”…so the writing, knitting, ripping, knitting, writing, knitting, ripping, knitting ensued. It didn’t work out so well.  The yarn, as gorgeous as it was had NO intention of being a mere SOCK thank you very much.  I say to my friend, “Hey…since I have to rip this out AGAIN, would you consider mitts??”  She said “Brilliant!”  So the writing, knitting, ripping, knitting, writing, ripping, knitting ensued…

…and it worked out BEAUTIFULLY!!!!

Welcome, Namaste’.




Since the yarn is two hand-dyed contrasting self-striping works of art… I decided it would be best to do a reversed color knit for the pair… Meaning, there are two balls of yarn used here…  One is a self-striping of purples, lavenders, cobalts and royal blues…  The other is a self-striping of oranges, corals, yellows and peach.  One one mitt, Color A is the purples and on the other Color A is the yellows…  That way you don’t have to worry a blink about trying to match the pair perfectly.  Works like a charm.

Simmer down, I’m gonna tell you where you can find the pattern and that gorgeous yarn…  Currently, the pattern is being test knit…so you’ll just have to wait…  It will be offered as a kit with the yarn (it’s being test knit in two other delicious colorways as well, so you’ll have a choice!)…  You can find the gorgeous yarn (and coming soon, the Namaste’ Kit and pattern) at:

Kama Suutra Fiber Arts

Run now…go check the shop out!



My very first ad for my Etsy shop is up and running at Ravelry!!!  Here’s a peek of what it looks like in action:

I love it…well, of course I do, it’s mine… It’s my design, it’s my shop and it’s my yarn… I couldn’t be happier.

Other news…

I haven’t talked about it on here…at all I think, which is weird (I will quietly dissect that fact later)…but I’ve been writing a pattern.  Like an honest to gods pattern.  I’ve designed things before, made stuff up as I went…all that stuff that lots of crafter’s do.  But this….this I set out to write a pattern and I’ll be damned if I didn’t actually DO IT.  I have two test knitters working on it right now…  I am hoping that everything is A-OK with it.  I knit one of them (hang on, I’ll tell you what in a minute) as I was writing the pattern and then I knit the second one FROM the written pattern… I only found two errors in the written pattern and fixed them right off.

Okay, okay…chill out…  It’s a pair of fingerless mitts.  I’ll give you photo’s and the whole story tomorrow when I’m not so tired…  For now…it’s sleepy time.

Good night and happy stitches.