What the hell is a “Pogona” anyway?

Okay…so I dyed some yarn a week or so ago, as an experiment.  I wanted to see what happened if I combined several dyeing techniques

– Kettle Dye
– Pollack (free style squirting..ew, that sounds gross)
– Dip Dyeing

I had a skein of yummy 50/50 Merino/Silk laying around, so I thought I would test on that…  I mean, who doesn’t have extra merino/silk laying around to test on, right??  ::eyeroll::  Luckily, it went well and I LOVE what I got…

Love it, eh?  Yeah, me too.  Rich, sunny Autumn shades without being too “pumkin   patchy” or “Fall Leaves”…  I will use this combo of methods again…soon.

Since this was not a skein for sale…it’s all mine…  I went pattern hunting.  I wanted something that was going to show off the short color sections, sheen of the silk, the softness of the merino….something smooth and shiny like the yarn itself.  Stockinette.  ::sigh::  Boring…but just what this yarn needs.  ::sigh:: I could feel myself falling asleep already…  There had to be some pattern out there that used a significant amount of stockinette that wouldn’t make my eyes bleed out of boredom.

Then I found this:  Pogona

JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!!!  Big sections of stockinette…panels of reverse stockinette, so I’d have to pay a little bit of attention…a shawl that requires a yarn with a lovely drape…oh, I have that!!!!!  So I cast on…and fell in love…not only with the yarn (of course I would love it) but with the simplicity of this pattern.  The two elements (yarn and pattern) met and loved each other instantly… Love at first stitch, so it be.

What do you think???  Me, I love it.

But what the hell is a “Pogona”????

Well, it’s a lizard, apparently….at least that’s what the Wikipedia page says…

Personally, I like the shawl better.


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