So…what’s up with me…

I am still unemployed and looking…  So if you know anyone that needs a ROCKIN’ administrative assistant /front desk supreme please let me know.

I am busy posting resume’s and interviewing, but it’s a tough market…  I’ll find something, I know.  But while I am waiting, I’ve been doing lots of other stuff…

What have I been doing, you ask??

I’ve started my own Etsy shop…called GirlGoneLoopy Yarn, Fiber and Stitchery…for all your hand-dyed needs.  Check it out….better yet, buy something!!   ; )

I’ve also been designing a fingerless mitt pattern using a friend’s hand-dyed yarn…  Here are a few pic’s for you!

It’s called Namaste and will be available within a month for purchase.

There has been some knitting and cleaning of my house…some cooking and some cussing my unemployed fate…but other than that… Not too much.



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