So it begins again…

…and I am A-OK with that.

So on Thursday of last week, I got called in for a surprise review at work.  I’ve been there for a year and a half now.  So apparently I am “not a good fit” for the company and the position.  Hmm…  It took them a year and a half to make that determination?  Seriously??  Doesn’t that seem like the kind of thing that employers figure out fairly quickly?  I mean, why wait a year and a half?  Let me tell you why?  Because no one else would do what I have done for that company for as little as they’ve given me. Oh, and I’ve just finished training a new part time girl…who is a much better fit for reasons I won’t get into here.  Apparently I am good enough to train someone, but not good enough to work there.

I won’t talk about it anymore.  That chapter is done and thanks to the Gods it is.  They are right. I’m not a good fit there and I hated every single minute I was there.  I should have devoted more time to finding another job, but hey…it was a paycheck when so many people didn’t have one.

So…what am I going to do now, you wonder??  I am putting in my resume’ for close to a half a million positions.  BUT, bigger than that…I am finally going to do what I’ve been talking/thinking/dreaming of doing for a few years now… I’m going to get my yarn business up and running, dammitall.  I’ve registered as a seller on Etsy but my shop is empty as of yet.  I have a wonderful, dear, generous and supportive friend who is going to lend me the money to get my butt in gear.  Without her, this wouldn’t be happening as of yet.  She rocks my world and she knows who she is… I’d tell you who, but I don’t know if she wants to be known….do you???  Can I scream your generosity from the mountain top???  : )

Anyway…  I’m putting together my list of needs to get the business going.  Mostly yarn, of course.  I’ll need some more dye and a bigger pot, a yarn meter…but that’s about it.  Then….GirlGoneLoopy is going BIG TIME.  Well…bigger than I’m used to, anyway.  Wish me luck.

I’ll keep you updated…  ; )


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