Screw it…

We just got a new car…. : D

So, what it boiled down to, is our beloved Edgar had just become a money pit.  The transmission would have been the third major repair within eight months and that was just too much.  He was ten years old with 190,000 miles on him…123,000 of which we had put on him in about 3 years.  He owed us nothing.  He was a workhorse for us and was ready to be put to pasture.

I am mourning a bit.  I really did LOVE that car.  I would consider getting another when we are able to afford a second car.  He fit me.

BUT…  We have a new little lady now.  Meet Betty.

(not a photo of OUR car, but this is what we have)

I named her Betty, cuz she’s white…  Get it…?  Betty White…  Yeah, I crack me up.  ::eye roll::

She’s a 2010 Hyundai Elantra GLS.  She’s small, but I think she’ll do.  The Poet loves her…so that makes me happy.



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