Ugh…and a half…

So, last Monday I lost my other Grandfather…  He needed heart surgery to repair a torn valve and didn’t make it thru…  ::sigh::  I am getting very tired of all this death.  I can’t even see out of the pit anymore.  Less than eight months ago I had all four Grandparents and now, I’m down to one…and she’s not exactly my favorite…  It makes me angry that the evil on out-lasted all the sweet, wonderful, loving people…   Why???  I guess she’s just too nasty to die.  There is one in every family I think.

I am going to move right on to other news, cuz I just don ‘t want to think about it…

I have been knitting…a lot.

I have a cabled cardi on the needles for Avery.  A shawl on the needles for me, and am test knitting a pair of socks for a friend…  Some day I will post links and photos… Not now.

Right now, I am tired, cranky and have a stellar headache.  ::whine::

I’m going to bed.


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