and the drums rolled on…

I’m feeling slightly better since my last post…only because I hate being depressed and I have forced myself to grieve a bit…to let some of the pressure out.  I still haven’t gotten the full scope of the ache yet, but I’ve just started to feel around the edges like a sore tooth…no, more like one of those deep, deep bruises….one that is so deep it hasn’t bloomed yet…  Yeah…like that.  Like ramming your thigh into the corner of the dining buffet at a dead run in the middle of the night…while piss drunk and not even feeling it for a day….that kind of bruise… Not that I would know what ramming your thigh into a buffet while drunk feels like, but I had to pick some scenario…  ::eye roll::

Well, on that bright shiny note…  How about some knitting news…  Er…  2009 was the Year of the Swap for me.  I did so many swaps I lost count…it’s embarrassing really, to think about how many I did…24-25…maybe…  Lots.  Too many.   Literally every project I finished went into the mail for someone I had never met.  Mostly I love this idea…but towards the end, I was a bit bogged down.  Then the freaking USPS lost one of the last (and best) packages I sent out.  I am still trying to get my insurance money from them for it…..I mean, how many times do I have to explain that it was all hand made and doesn’t come with a receipt and that I could write one out if that would make them happy…  F**KERS!!!  And am in the middle of trying to put a package together to replace the lost one…  I’ve finally gotten most of it together, but am kinda afraid to put it in the mail….what if they lose it again…??  That’s a lot of work and money gone, from the first time…not to mention the time and money on the second one.  ::LeSigh::

I’ve not been writing much.  It’s just all too big and angry right now.  I just can’t.

But I did just get my very first laptop…and right now I’m too tired to tell you about it…  I’ll leave that story for next time…



2 thoughts on “and the drums rolled on…

  1. So sorry to hear of your losses. Just take it one day at a time…that’s really all any of us can do. When you have a bad day, or a worse day just remember that as time passes you will also have better days and good days. {{hugs}}

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