Has it really been that long…

…since I posted???


I’ve been stupid busy.

The job is still the job.  It is what it is and it’s what pays my bills…it is not what feeds my soul. 

I have been knitting…  I even have finished projects to prove it, tho you’ll have to wait for photo’s, since I’m at work…and the photos are not.  I have finished a cabled scarf, a cardi for my niece (of my own design), a pair of fingerless bagpipe mitts for The Poet (my hubby-ish), two hats….um….  WIP still out number finished items and I think they always will.  I’ve accepted that about myself and moved on.  : )  I am working on the Anniversary Mystery Shawl, the Boteh crocheted scarf…and others, but those two are my main things right now.  I’ve even been spinning a little…

I’ve joined the pipe and drum band that The Poet belongs to.  I’m learning side drum (snare to most people)…  It’s harder than I thought it would be…but I am enjoying it.  It is yet another HUGE time suck for me, tho… Like I needed something else..right?? 

So, let’s look at my typical week…. We have 13hr work days (including the commute) Mon-Wed…  Thursday is band practice right after work, so that makes it a 16.5 hr day by the time we get home.  Friday is knit group after work, another 16 – 17 hr day for me…  I don’t get much time at home or much sleep.  I know, I know…a lot of people have it just as bad, if not worse…  But “A lot of people” aren’t ME and I can whine if I want to…  ::whiiiinnneeeeee::  See? 

So…I’m still sleepy…just starting my first cup of coffee this morning…  I just wanted to get a few new words on here…try to get back in the grove, so to speak…

I’m done with my whiney-butt post…  It’s the rain…it just won’t stop.



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