Don’t ask me about the job…

…unless you want an hour long rant about how you should really listen to your gut when it’s telling you this job isn’t for you…

With that said… I’ve been lucky enough to get a job…I’ll be even luckier to get a DIFFERENT one.


Now…on to knitting news…

My felted bag exchange is going strong and I am not posting pic’s because it isn’t a secret exchange and I don’t want her to see what she’s waiting for.  So, you’ll get pic’s when it’s all done and she has it in her hands.

BUT, I will say that it’s FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC and I wish it were for ME!!!  And so does everyone else who sees it.  LOL  I hand-dyed the yarn…one is a shaded-solid and one is a variegated and WHOO-HOO do they look fabulous together!!  (TOOT-TOOT) (In case you couldn’t hear my own horn honking).  : )  I just bound off for the main body (it’s my own pattern) and am now adding the details/straps/and whatnot to it.  And that’s all I’m going to say about it.  I hope she likes it as much as I do!!  : )

My February Lady is going again…  I’m using StSt with a seed st border/button band instead of the miles of mind-numbing garter stitch.  I also changed the increases from a M1R, M1L to a YO raglan increase with two twisted stitches in between the YO’s.  Looks like a little cable between the YO’s.  I likey.  I haven’t touched it since I started the felted bag…so its waiting patiently for me.

I’m busy organizing a Hand-dye Yarn Exchange on Ravelry…  If you aren’t on Ravelry….  WHY THE HELL NOT?????  If you aren’t my friend on Ravelry…. WHY THE HELL NOT??????  Get your yarn-loving tushy on over there…  Geez.  >eye roll<  No, seriously…lots of good stuff there.  I have about a million groups that I belong too… Four that I “run”… 

I haven’t touched my food blog… With the commute I have now…I am not cooking like I used to…  No one wants to read that I made sloppy joes……..out of the CAN…. >shudder<

In other news…  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on here or not…but back in June of last year my dear husband-like decided to learn the bagpipes.  Yep…BAG PIPES.  (It’s a really, really good thing I actually LOVE the pipes or I’d have killed him by now)  He is part of a pipe and drum band here and it’s going really well…  He marched in the York St. Patty’s Day Parade on the 14th and the Harrisburg parade yesterday.  It’s so super cool…  AND I get to see him all decked out in a kilt all the time now!!  WHOOT!  I love it!!!

Anyway… I’m feeling chipper… Spring has sprung…so back to cleaning for me!

Happy Stitches!!


4 thoughts on “Don’t ask me about the job…

  1. Yeah…haven’t been in a blogging mood lately… Been grumpy…and busy… Yep!! Bagpipes…which he is playing upstairs as I type this! It’s cool!!

    Are you on Ravelry yet????? If so, find me… I’m GirlGoneLoopy

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