Oh my brain hurts…

I’ve been brainstorming lately.  A lot.  Since I’m out of work and have some time on my hands I’ve been trying to think of creative items I could make to possibly earn some coins while I look for a day job…

Here’s what I have so far:

A: nothing
B: nothing
C: nothing

Looks pretty good doesn’t it.  Should rack in TONS of dough.  >sigh< 

My brain just isn’t spitting anything good out.  A dear friend wants to go into business together.  She see’s that awesome hand dyed sock yarn pie…and wants us to cut a piece for ourselves.  I am willing to give this a shot.  I love to dye, I love sock yarn…  What could go wrong, other than it doesn’t sell at all and she ends up with a TON of sock yarn dyed by me (she’s fronting the money, so it’d go to her if it didn’t pan out.) >wink<

But other than that… I’m running dry.

I tried knitting wire…thought I could make knitted earrings.  That was about as much fun as cramps.  I tried the crocheted jewlery thing…and this might work, I just gotta fine that “one thing” that really does “it”… (oh, shut up, you know what I mean.)  >grin<  I have other ideas that I’m running around with…but nothing concrete.

The February Lady sweater is coming along well, if mind-numbingly.  I HATE GARTER STITCH.  It rots my brain.  I *KNEW* I should have done the garter stitch top section in seed stitch, but NOOOOO, I wanted to knit the pattern as is.  AS IS?!?!?!?!  I’m a dumb-ass.  I know I hate garter stitch…  I should have went with my guts.  It looks okay…but I would have liked seed stitch better, but there is NO WAY I am ripping it out.  I’m almost (like 2”) away from starting the lace section. 

I have 874 yards of candy apple red fingering weight…  Any ideas of what I could do with it???  Please don’t say socks.  : )  I want something creative and intricate.  Give me your best shot!!!


2 thoughts on “Oh my brain hurts…

  1. i hear you on the trying to make coins. i keep thinking about all the stuff i should sell on ebay. it just takes so much time and do i really think I will make much?

    i say go for it on the yarn. you never know. maybe you can expand into fabric for me. i love batiks. :)

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