ISE 7 Scarf done


It’s done and I love it.  I certainly hope my pal loves it too.  I decided not to block it.  I like the way the cable look unblocked better.  It’s all fat and puffy.  When it’s blocked, even a little bit,  it looks too flat.    So, it 77″ long (not counting the fringe) and 4.5″ wide.  Long and skinny!!

I’m going t sew her a project bag and make some stitch/place markers to go with it.

And since it’s February now (gasp!), I also cast on for the February Lady Sweater.   If you haven’t seen the pattern, check it out.  It’s fantastic!!  I am almost ready to do the second button hole.  I’m using Paton’s Classic Wool in Jade Heather.  A deep, yet subtle teal with hints of light green and darker blue in it. (I can’t find a good pic of it).  It’s really pretty. 

Happy stitches, all…



2 thoughts on “ISE 7 Scarf done

  1. Oh, SH*T!!
    I was supposed to call you!!! I listened to the message, deleted it, couldn’t call right then and forgot… FU*K!!! I’ll call tomorrow!! Promise!!!

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