The mile long scarf grows still…


This is the scarf for my Internat’l Scarf Exchange pal.  It’s 64″ now and will prolly be around 75″ when I’m done knitting (before I add fringe).  That’s the unblocked measurement.  When I’m done blocking it will be about 80″ or so (I don’t want to block it too hard, it would lose some of the squishiness)…after I add the fringe, we’re looking at about 100″ or so.  That’s over 8 feet of gorgeous squishy soft giant cablely knitting to wrap around someone’s neck.

The yarn is Moda Dea Tweedle Dee  in the “Blue Heather” colorway.  It’s a chunky yarn (using size 11 needles).  Now…normally I don’t go in for:
A. Acrylic yarn
B. Chunky yarn. 
This stuff…WOW!!!  I really LOVE THIS YARN.  I am totally going to make me one of these scarves…prolly out of one of the red colorways.  It is super soft and smooshy and the way the colors melt into one another is just amazing.  I think when I make my scarf with this yarn, I do a big chunky entralac with it, tho.  I’m in love with this yarn and if you haven’t used it…go get some.  Seriously.  (Maybe Moda Dea will hire me…???)  LOL

Happy Stitches!!


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