I am (sorta) ashamed to admit that I am now addicted to Facebook.  Yes,  I am weak and have fallen for its charms. 

If you are on there and want to be friends (sounds so grade school, doesn’t it? I love it!) look up the email:

girl gone loopy (at) yahoo . com

(no spaces, and the @ sign, yada yada…you know the drill.)  Just add a note that you read my blog…

So…on to knitting news…  I have been working on my scarf for the Internat’l Scarf Exchange 7 and I love it… I have about 35″ done (only about 40 or so more to go!!  Yes, my person wants a long scarf!)  No, I don’t have a photo yet…  Soon…promise!!!

I have also been working diligently on a cardigan for my niece…she’s 18 months old and quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet. (yes, I’m a wee bit biased)  I am using some of my hand-dye and my own pattern…and I will post pictures of that soon, too.  : )

It’s still kinda fun being home all the time… I’m not quite stir crazy yet.  The job hunt continues…everyday.  So far I’ve applied to eight jobs and haven’t heard from four yet, but I had two “no longer available” and two that turned out to be “junk” jobs cleverly masked as real jobs. (which means that they think “admin assistant” equal cold calling for life insurance…) Hmmm…  I think not.   I’m just not the telemarketer type.  I am not at the point yet that I will take ANYTHING that pauses before me.  It’s not even been a week yet. 

Happy Stitches!!!



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