Even bad news can be happy…

So, on Tuesday morning I was tossed unceremoniously into the ranks of the unemployed.  It sucks, but it has it’s upside too…  Bad economy, said they…  Whatever.  >shrug<  Fresh start, says me…

I hated the place with a passion undying.  It sucked every bit of fun and love and happiness out of me.  I hated getting up every morning, knowing I had to drive a hour and a half to some place that made me sick to my stomach.  Now, there are people there that I adore.  People whom I will miss greatly.  People with whom I will keep in touch.  There are other people there that I wish some serious toe stubbing on.  All shall remain nameless. 

So, what this means is that I have a new job right now… That job is to find another job!!!  LOL  I have applied at a few places and will keep hunting for more.  Something will come my way.  I have positive thoughts galore.

So, if anyone knows of an opening for a seriously cool, upbeat, slamming good receptionist…in the York, PA or Baltimore, MD area…  Let me know!!!




4 thoughts on “Even bad news can be happy…

  1. I really am trying to be upbeat about it all. Sure, the money thing is scary as all hell, but considering I hated the old job so much…it’s almost more of a relief than a worry. I’ll find something… I know I will.

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