Still breathing…

I’m still here…  I’m still crafting…  I’m still (until this moment) not posting.  I’m such a dork.  I have this blog and I really do love it.  I think of it often and always tell myself that I NEED TO BLOG…  Somehow things always get in the way.

So…  Here I am, it’s the beginning of 2009…and what a freezing cold start it’s been!!!  Today, when I got in my car to head to work…my little temp gauge said it was 9 degrees.  NINE DEGREES.  Bloody hell.  Bloody FROZEN hell.

I am not a cold person.  But, I’m also not a hot person, either…  And I like the seasonal changes…  So I tolerate both the hot and the cold weather.  Fall is my fave, followed by Spring, Summer, then Winter…  Tho, I do like winter because I can where all my knitterly goods.  That makes me happy.

So what am I working on???  I’m in the International Scarf Exchange 7right now… I bought some beautiful yarn, Manos Silk Blends in a wonderful blue color, Midnight…but looks sapphire…  I knit about 10″ of a pattern and decided it was too much blue.  So, I ripped it all out and over dyed the yarn with some darker blue, moss green and purple, leaving some of the original blue in there, too.  It’s FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! 

But, now I have the dilemma of choosing the right stitch to work with the now variegated yarn…  I have three swatches worked up…(I’ll post pics at some point) and I’m taking them all to my knit group tonight and enlisting their help to choose which one to go with.  One is a solid fabric, slip stitch diagonal ribbing; one is a very open lace, and one is mostly solid semi-lace…  I like them all.

Well, I’m signing off for now.  I need to get back to work!!!




2 thoughts on “Still breathing…

  1. hi stranger. i hope you don’t hate me for being MIA forever. everytime sarah gives me an update on you, i feel bad. i hope we can catch up soon. really. maybe next week?

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