I’m trying to knit with wire.

It’s akin to nailing jello to a tree.

I’m being to develop a twitch just below my left eye.


The mile long scarf grows still…


This is the scarf for my Internat’l Scarf Exchange pal.  It’s 64″ now and will prolly be around 75″ when I’m done knitting (before I add fringe).  That’s the unblocked measurement.  When I’m done blocking it will be about 80″ or so (I don’t want to block it too hard, it would lose some of the squishiness)…after I add the fringe, we’re looking at about 100″ or so.  That’s over 8 feet of gorgeous squishy soft giant cablely knitting to wrap around someone’s neck.

The yarn is Moda Dea Tweedle Dee  in the “Blue Heather” colorway.  It’s a chunky yarn (using size 11 needles).  Now…normally I don’t go in for:
A. Acrylic yarn
B. Chunky yarn. 
This stuff…WOW!!!  I really LOVE THIS YARN.  I am totally going to make me one of these scarves…prolly out of one of the red colorways.  It is super soft and smooshy and the way the colors melt into one another is just amazing.  I think when I make my scarf with this yarn, I do a big chunky entralac with it, tho.  I’m in love with this yarn and if you haven’t used it…go get some.  Seriously.  (Maybe Moda Dea will hire me…???)  LOL

Happy Stitches!!

Knitterly update

Ta-da!!!  (click on the pic’s to make them bigger)

This is my niece’s cardigan all blocked out.  I’m super excited!  I can’t wait to seam it all up and crochet the border…  Ohh….  I’m all wiggly!!

It’s out of Fisherman’s wool that I hand painted.  I’ll post the pattern when I’m done with it.  : )

See you tomorrow!!



I am (sorta) ashamed to admit that I am now addicted to Facebook.  Yes,  I am weak and have fallen for its charms. 

If you are on there and want to be friends (sounds so grade school, doesn’t it? I love it!) look up the email:

girl gone loopy (at) yahoo . com

(no spaces, and the @ sign, yada yada…you know the drill.)  Just add a note that you read my blog…

So…on to knitting news…  I have been working on my scarf for the Internat’l Scarf Exchange 7 and I love it… I have about 35″ done (only about 40 or so more to go!!  Yes, my person wants a long scarf!)  No, I don’t have a photo yet…  Soon…promise!!!

I have also been working diligently on a cardigan for my niece…she’s 18 months old and quite possibly the cutest thing on the planet. (yes, I’m a wee bit biased)  I am using some of my hand-dye and my own pattern…and I will post pictures of that soon, too.  : )

It’s still kinda fun being home all the time… I’m not quite stir crazy yet.  The job hunt continues…everyday.  So far I’ve applied to eight jobs and haven’t heard from four yet, but I had two “no longer available” and two that turned out to be “junk” jobs cleverly masked as real jobs. (which means that they think “admin assistant” equal cold calling for life insurance…) Hmmm…  I think not.   I’m just not the telemarketer type.  I am not at the point yet that I will take ANYTHING that pauses before me.  It’s not even been a week yet. 

Happy Stitches!!!


Even bad news can be happy…

So, on Tuesday morning I was tossed unceremoniously into the ranks of the unemployed.  It sucks, but it has it’s upside too…  Bad economy, said they…  Whatever.  >shrug<  Fresh start, says me…

I hated the place with a passion undying.  It sucked every bit of fun and love and happiness out of me.  I hated getting up every morning, knowing I had to drive a hour and a half to some place that made me sick to my stomach.  Now, there are people there that I adore.  People whom I will miss greatly.  People with whom I will keep in touch.  There are other people there that I wish some serious toe stubbing on.  All shall remain nameless. 

So, what this means is that I have a new job right now… That job is to find another job!!!  LOL  I have applied at a few places and will keep hunting for more.  Something will come my way.  I have positive thoughts galore.

So, if anyone knows of an opening for a seriously cool, upbeat, slamming good receptionist…in the York, PA or Baltimore, MD area…  Let me know!!!



Still breathing…

I’m still here…  I’m still crafting…  I’m still (until this moment) not posting.  I’m such a dork.  I have this blog and I really do love it.  I think of it often and always tell myself that I NEED TO BLOG…  Somehow things always get in the way.

So…  Here I am, it’s the beginning of 2009…and what a freezing cold start it’s been!!!  Today, when I got in my car to head to work…my little temp gauge said it was 9 degrees.  NINE DEGREES.  Bloody hell.  Bloody FROZEN hell.

I am not a cold person.  But, I’m also not a hot person, either…  And I like the seasonal changes…  So I tolerate both the hot and the cold weather.  Fall is my fave, followed by Spring, Summer, then Winter…  Tho, I do like winter because I can where all my knitterly goods.  That makes me happy.

So what am I working on???  I’m in the International Scarf Exchange 7right now… I bought some beautiful yarn, Manos Silk Blends in a wonderful blue color, Midnight…but looks sapphire…  I knit about 10″ of a pattern and decided it was too much blue.  So, I ripped it all out and over dyed the yarn with some darker blue, moss green and purple, leaving some of the original blue in there, too.  It’s FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! 

But, now I have the dilemma of choosing the right stitch to work with the now variegated yarn…  I have three swatches worked up…(I’ll post pics at some point) and I’m taking them all to my knit group tonight and enlisting their help to choose which one to go with.  One is a solid fabric, slip stitch diagonal ribbing; one is a very open lace, and one is mostly solid semi-lace…  I like them all.

Well, I’m signing off for now.  I need to get back to work!!!