Still alive…?? Yep.

I’m here, I’m crafting…just not posting.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.  I think it’s that, since we bought the house the computer is no longer in the main living area.  It used to be in the dining room (the only place we had to put it) and now it has it’s own room all the way up on the 3rd floor of the house…  So…I don’t use it as often.  It isn’t just because it’s on the 3rd floor…it’s that in the winter, the 3rd floor is a freezer and in the summer, it’s an oven.  The 3rd floor is also where my “studio” is…needless to say, I haven’t been up here much.  Until lately…it got terribly hot and I got ambitous and put the window units in…. Awww…what a differnce that made!!  I can work up here now without almost passing out because of heat exhaustion!! 

Well…what have I been doing…???  Sewing.  Yup.  Not knitting, not spinning, not even crochet…  I’ve caught the sewn handbag bug and it’s going strong!!!!  I’ve made five handbags, a wristlet and a box-bottom zipper pouch, two other flat zipper pouches and an evening bag…  I also have fabric for about four hundred other bags.  I am starting another bag as soon as I am done with this.  But I told myself, I wasn’t allowed to start it until I posted something…so here I am.

I do have a few knit projects going, tho…for when I’m down stairs watching the evil TV (I’m addicted to “So, You Think You Can Dance?”) (herefter SYTYCD)  What can I say…??  Dance shows/movies are my guilty pleasure (tho, I have never watched an episode of “Dancing with the Stars” for some reason, I don’t know why…)  I think it’s because I can’t dance AT ALL…or as Avery says, “not without a pole”…  Heh.  Men.  >shrug<  But, I digress… 

Knitterly projects are as follows… 
Clapotis:  Brooksfarm Solo in a tan/aqua colorway (they don’t seem to have a pic of this colorway on the site tho).  Fan-freakin-tastic.  I LOVE it.  I am at the halfway point. 

Forest Path Stole:  Jaggerspun Zephyr in Mushroom, which is a soft tan/taupe color.  I am on the third tier, I believe…tho, I haven’t touched it since I started the Clapotis!

Mead scarf: in Tess Designer Yarns…something wool, in Birch Bark colorway (creamy white, gray, taupe…very soft and pretty).

That’s about it on this end…  I will post some photos when I can remember to take the camera downstairs with me!!!  : )



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