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Hmm…  What might this be??No, no idea….  Really….


Well, then…  Let me tell you….




After today…

I will be a home owner… Or at the very least, I will be co-owner of a mortage!! 

We are getting ready to leave for settlement in a few minutes.  I’m so excited, I’m shaking.

Then we get to go to our new house and count windows and take measurements…


Happy Weekend, all!

Whew… Almost home!!

Okay…this actually looks like it’s really going to happen for us. I have been hopeful, but also trying to not get too excited about it, if that makes sense. I have learned, many times over, to not count your cookies before you’ve baked them. I mean, what if you burn a whole tray of them??? BUT, we went and finalized the whole loan thing last night and everything seems to be in order. So baring any weird happenings…the house is OURS. Whoot!

Let me tell you a little about it… It’s a semi-detached or duplex, depending on where you’re from. It’s attached on one side to another home, but the other side is open. They say it’s a four bedroom, because of the finished attic space, but I say it’s a three bedroom with a finished a finished attic… LOL Anyway, it’s huge compared to what we have now. First level is the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry/full bath and sun porch (which, for the time being is 3 season, we are planning to insulate it to make it useful all year round). The second level has three bedrooms (one will be our bedroom, there will be a library/music room and the other will be a guest room/workout room) and there’s a full bath up there, too. The third level has two rooms, one will be my studio space and the other will be our office. It has a full basement that is not exactly finished, but is perfectly serviceable for storage. The yard is pretty big, for a house in town, .08 acre. It has 6’ privacy fence on all sides and a one car garage (which is located at the back of the lot, outside the fence). The yard has nice landscaping around the edges and two flowering trees in the back corner and the center of the yard is nice and open, plenty of room to play with the dog! There is a paving stone patio off the back of the house with a water garden/fish pond next to it. We will have to learn how to maintain a water garden and how to keep the fish alive!! Wow!! A house that comes with pets! Cool!

We went up to York this past Saturday for the house inspection. It went pretty well. There isn’t much that needs to be done. There is (or was) a leak under the toilet upstairs and they need to either fix the leak or have a plumber sign off that it has already been fixed. It made the floor crack a little in the bathroom, and we said we’d replace the floor so we can pick whatever tile we want. Other than that, there are just a few minor maintenance things that we have said we can do. 

Basically the only things left to do is go to settlement on the 30th and then move on the 15th. Whoot!! I can’t wait! I am so excited and antsy… I just want all this to be done! I want to be in my house!! Dammit! NOW! LOL


In knitting news…

I have finished my International Scarf Exchange 5, scarf…  All that is left to do is pick up a few goodies for the box and it’s OFF!!  Prolly send it out on Friday…  Other than the scarf, I haven’t been working on anything and hesitate to start anything else right now because of the impending move.  I think I will just take some time off from knitting and PACK MY WHOLE FREAKIN’ HOUSE IN 22 DAYS, WHILE MAINTAINING A FULL TIME JOB…  It’s be so much easier if I could just take a week off and get it done.  But I can’t.  I’m out of time for this year…gotta work.  Wait…this was the “knitting news” part wasn’t it…and here I am talking about the move again…  Bloody hell, it’s everywhere!!

Doing a happy dance…



Holy crap…

We have a house….at least on we kinda do.  We go to settlement on the 30th, so I’m am not going to truly count it as MINE until I have the keys in my paw…

It’s a four bedroom duplex with a finished attic space (which will be my yarn/spinning studio), living room, dining room, laundry/full bath off a huge kitchen, sun room off kitchen, landscaped yard with full privacy fence, one car garage….  Lots of other stuff, tho I’m so excited (and a little freaked out) that I can’t write anymore…


Gotta go!!!!



Okay…so we didn’t get that house.  It’s all good tho, cuz A. and I talked about it and we think we would have outgrown it faster than we could have paid it down enough to sell it…  It’s only drawback was it was pretty small…as Cape Cod style homes usually are.  So, what does this mean….

It means the game is afoot…  The hunt continues…  We go back up to York on the 11th and look at a bunch more properties…  We’ll find The One…

Happy weekend, all!