Bathroom Woes

So…  A few months ago we were talking about moving out of our rented townhouse into a, hopefully, nicer rented townhouse.  Long story short, we decided to stay put and save money up for a house of our own.  Now…in order to keep me happy and keep my mouth closed, The Poet wisely agreed to let me paint and do some mild, non-permanent makeovers. We stared with the bathroom, nice small room.  It’s an easy space to “cut teeth” on, right??  Mm-hmm….nope.  Here’s a little back story…  Mold issues, water-base flat paint, saggy floor, so maintenance comes in and replaces the entire ceiling, the entire floor, and repaints the entire room.  Sounds nice huh??  Uh, no. Now, more back story… We started re-doing the bathroom by going out and buying a new shower curtain, new floor rug and new towels.  Bight polka dot curtain, bright orange rug, bright turquoise towels (I am not afraid of color).  The floor started out as pure white, tiny hex tiles (circa. 1945ish), went perfectly with the stuff we picked out.  I was going to paint the walls a bright-ish light olive green (to match one of the colors of the dots on the curtain) and do white trim.  It was going to be fun and bright and awesome.  Then they re-tiled the floor…with 2” square sand colored tile.  Sand = beige, which is NOT FRIENDS with bright orange…  Fantastically fun orange shag rug now looks like ASS against this new beige tile.  F&@K!!  So…now we have to re-do the re-do.  So I go buy paint…Now, onto the walls…A few prior residents back painted the room almost the exact shade of deep grayish aqua that I have now picked out (to go with the beige tile floor)… Problem is, when said prior resident painted, they painted directly over a semi-gloss paint, no priming, no sanding…nothing.  When they left, they painted all the walls with cheap white flat.  Maintenance, being the dumbasses they are, painted over it again before the next resident moved in.  Now, we have semi-gloss on top of un-primed semi-gloss with two coats of cheap ass plasticoat on top of those.  Can you say bubble and peel??  Yup, I sure can…and lots of it.  (we had thought that it was the lack of ventilation, we were wrong) So, before they slapped this newest coat of plasticoat down, they decided to use regular dry wall spackle to repair a few cracks and over the peeling paint…  Hmm…  *sigh*  Now we have spackle (which holds moisture like a freakin’ sponge) on top of peeling paint, which they then painted over.  *bigger sigh*  So the paint starts to peel again.  I mean, they painted in the morning, and by the time we got home from work there were huge paint blisters all over the walls.  F&@K!!  I said, no biggie (cuz I hadn’t figure all the above mess out yet), I’ll just scrap the blisters, sand them a little and paint the whole room the color I want.  Uh-uh.  The Poet comes home a little early and I ask him, ever so sweetly, to please scrap and sand the blister for me so I could paint when I got home.  He calls me about an hour later and says “Houston, we have a problem”.  This is when the whole layered mess was discovered.  He has scraped a little and then went to peel of one little edge and, quite literally, peeled off half a walls worth of paint, down past four layers to the original semi-gloss.  So… He is now upstairs peeling the entire room, scraping off all the dry wall spackle (we are going to use PLASTER to repair our plaster walls, smart huh!?)  So I can get in there and paint…at some point.  Me…I’m sewing a new shower curtain to go with the new paint to go with the new floor. And it’s just the first room. 

*manic giggle*




6 thoughts on “Bathroom Woes

  1. ouch!!! sounds painful :( The paint in our bathroom is bubbling up too, but theres only one coat, so far as I can tell, and It’s all white. Needs to be replaced, but I’m just a tennant, so it’s not my problem. Our bathroom has no ventillation, other than a small window, and the land lady’s brother lives in the house. He can’t have missed it. Instead he decided to paint the living room bright teal. It looks nice, except the bits where we got the paint on the ceiling, and the door jams, and the carpet. . . . . .

  2. Yeah, we are renting as well… Shouldn’t be doing this, but it seems we can’t rely on the maintenance people to do it properly. I am going to tackle the kitchen next. It shouldn’t be too bad, there isn’t any peeling paint and what not in there. It will just be a prime and paint room, as far as the walls are concerned.

    Bright teal huh… I’m not sure I could live with that! LOL

  3. Ah domicile repair… Bek & I were going to be doing that all this summer. We even have a list as long as my arm. But since we’ll not be moving anytime soon, it has been put off… again. I commend your tenacity & wish you easier repairs for the future. Hopefully you’ve made it past the worst of it. After all, the bathroom is usually the biggest pain in the ass.

  4. Hey there, Lady Chaos!
    The bathroom is coming along nicely. We are now sanding all that plaster down so we can prime and then, FINALLY, paint!!!
    We’ve been putting this off for four years. It’s time.

  5. Ya know….we lived in that bathroom with peeling paint, bad repair jobs, tile that we have to regrout every month or so and mold so bad that I had to bleach the whole bathroom every week (at the least)… Bathrooms that are falling apart are not fun…redoing a bathroom that is falling apart is sorta fun in the pyscho sort of way…

    If your bathroom is falling apart, you have my sincere condolences and deepest understanding. IT BLOWS and not in the fun way!!!!

    ; ) ^pinch.pinch.squeeze^

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