Welcome Lil’ Dipper…

LilHandBW.jpg picture by knitkitty

TinyFeetBW.jpg picture by knitkitty

Around 3pm yesterday afternoon, I became an Aunt. 
Welcome Dipper! (nickname based on her initials: DPR)
6 lbs, 1 oz.  19″ long  (about 3 weeks early)
Momma, Daddy and Lil One are doing fine!



6 thoughts on “Welcome Lil’ Dipper…

  1. Congrats Auntie H! I hope your week improved significantly :)

    Hopefully L’il I won’t be too much longer — but I need to fatten him up a bit first!

  2. She’s doing pretty well. We are going to take a big pan of lasagna over to their house tonight or tomorrow so they don’t have to worry about dinner for a few nights…

    Me…I was two weeks LATE…. Heh, heh…

  3. genia says:

    Too sweet! Ain’t being an auntie special!! My niece was two weeks early as well. And we have now dubbed her “Princess Hurricane” and rightfully!

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