*^&^*%%$%#*&(*(^%#&^&*&%^&&*(((>heavy breathing<


Here’s a re-cap of my day….

Wake up, crampy, bloated, headachy and just plain bitchy.

Remove all the stuff from the bathroom, cuz the floor is being replaced over the next 2 days.

Go to work, get a phone call from the leasing office…dog is in basement, they need IN the basement….leave work, go home, play musical dog.

Return to work, get a phone call from my Mom, she’s talked to my Dad who’d told her that my Grandfather (my Dad’s Dad) has inoperable lung cancer.

Call my Grandfather in sheer panic and terror, find out it’s true.  Become a blubbering fool at work, leave early.

Can’t go home…a bunch of strangers at my house…go hang out at Cloverhill and buy a skein of silk/cashmere to make myself feel better.

Finally go home, house empty, toilet sitting inside the tub…can’t walk on bathroom floor, means no shower until, at the least, Friday night…and I have my period.  Yum.

Check my email to find out that Sister In Law was taken to the hospital for pre-eclampsia.  Now considered high risk and they may take the baby c-section as soon as her platelet (sp?) levels come back up.

Go to get Avery from work, car’s transmission take’s a shit about a mile away from home, walk home in 90 degree heat, mostly up hill, in heavy ass jeans and shoes that make my feet sweat…. 

Get home, almost pass out, swear to god that I’ll join the gym as long as I don’t puke.

Order pizza and blow two weeks worth of eating SO HEALTHY by eating the entire thing… (It was a large thin crust and Avery and I spilt it….  IT WAS GOOD…)  Nah!!

So…  No shower, dying grandfather, dangerously sick & pregnant SIL, dead car….

How was your day???



4 thoughts on “(^$#*&)(*^$E$#^%&*^%$

  1. Wow, you really did have an awful day :( I’m sure it won’t make you feel any better, but my grandfather also was recently diagnosed with cancer, bladder cancer. Mom’s been trying to get him to the hospital for two years b/c of blood in his urine. He finally went, and had the tumor removed post haste, but the cancer has spread and he’ll have to either have chemotherapy, or have his bladder removed.

  2. Oh, Erin… I’m sorry to hear that!!! It was just the opposite for my Grandfather. He was trying to tell the Dr that something was wrong and they didn’t believe him. He had to convince them to run tests… Bloody bastards.

    I find out this evening what the “time frame” is. Shit.

    AND it’s my Mom’s birthday. I forgot to mail her gift.


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