So, it’s laundry day

I’m on lunch break, munching on fresh veggies with pesto hummus and toasted pita wedges and iced peppermint tea.  Yummm-Oooo!!

I have been working on my MS3,  in between trips up and down the stairs (laundry room in basement, bedroom on 2nd floor…getting my exercise in, too!!  I’m multi-tasking!)  The stole is ‘so far, so good’ at this point, about half way done with clue 1…  Yes, I’m still on the first clue (Melanie just released clue 4 yesterday).  What can I say??  I’ve changed my yarn a few times, had to frog a few times and I haven’t had tons of time to work on it.  IT SUCKS.  I spend each work day feeling like I am wasting time…I just want to go home and knit the damn stole!!!  lol  But at least I can still pay my bills.

Anyway.  It’s going pretty well right now.  No photo’s yet, I want to finish at least the first clue before taking some snaps of it.

That’s it… After the last post, I just wanted to say that today, I’m having a good lace knitting day.  (I whispered that last bit…I don’t want it to hear me and decide that it’s been good long enough.)

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


2 thoughts on “So, it’s laundry day

  1. I just saw in the MS 3 digest that you’re using Claudia’s in Ink with red beads. I’d love to see a shot of your progress when you get a chance. I’m using the same yarn, only with gray beads, and am kind of regretting the choice since they don’t stand out. Though the yarn is a dream. Post pictures soon please, I’m just itching to see them in red! :)

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