Welcome Lil’ Dipper…

LilHandBW.jpg picture by knitkitty

TinyFeetBW.jpg picture by knitkitty

Around 3pm yesterday afternoon, I became an Aunt. 
Welcome Dipper! (nickname based on her initials: DPR)
6 lbs, 1 oz.  19″ long  (about 3 weeks early)
Momma, Daddy and Lil One are doing fine!




*^&^*%%$%#*&(*(^%#&^&*&%^&&*(((>heavy breathing<


Here’s a re-cap of my day….

Wake up, crampy, bloated, headachy and just plain bitchy.

Remove all the stuff from the bathroom, cuz the floor is being replaced over the next 2 days.

Go to work, get a phone call from the leasing office…dog is in basement, they need IN the basement….leave work, go home, play musical dog.

Return to work, get a phone call from my Mom, she’s talked to my Dad who’d told her that my Grandfather (my Dad’s Dad) has inoperable lung cancer.

Call my Grandfather in sheer panic and terror, find out it’s true.  Become a blubbering fool at work, leave early.

Can’t go home…a bunch of strangers at my house…go hang out at Cloverhill and buy a skein of silk/cashmere to make myself feel better.

Finally go home, house empty, toilet sitting inside the tub…can’t walk on bathroom floor, means no shower until, at the least, Friday night…and I have my period.  Yum.

Check my email to find out that Sister In Law was taken to the hospital for pre-eclampsia.  Now considered high risk and they may take the baby c-section as soon as her platelet (sp?) levels come back up.

Go to get Avery from work, car’s transmission take’s a shit about a mile away from home, walk home in 90 degree heat, mostly up hill, in heavy ass jeans and shoes that make my feet sweat…. 

Get home, almost pass out, swear to god that I’ll join the gym as long as I don’t puke.

Order pizza and blow two weeks worth of eating SO HEALTHY by eating the entire thing… (It was a large thin crust and Avery and I spilt it….  IT WAS GOOD…)  Nah!!

So…  No shower, dying grandfather, dangerously sick & pregnant SIL, dead car….

How was your day???


4 hrs

That’s how much sleep I’ve had.

I stayed up until 2am (then had trouble going to sleep) to finish reading the newest (and last *pout*) Harry Potter…

I’m too old for this shit.

No spoilers…so if you want to talk about the book, email me…

twisted_sts (at) yahoo . com 

So, it’s laundry day

I’m on lunch break, munching on fresh veggies with pesto hummus and toasted pita wedges and iced peppermint tea.  Yummm-Oooo!!

I have been working on my MS3,  in between trips up and down the stairs (laundry room in basement, bedroom on 2nd floor…getting my exercise in, too!!  I’m multi-tasking!)  The stole is ‘so far, so good’ at this point, about half way done with clue 1…  Yes, I’m still on the first clue (Melanie just released clue 4 yesterday).  What can I say??  I’ve changed my yarn a few times, had to frog a few times and I haven’t had tons of time to work on it.  IT SUCKS.  I spend each work day feeling like I am wasting time…I just want to go home and knit the damn stole!!!  lol  But at least I can still pay my bills.

Anyway.  It’s going pretty well right now.  No photo’s yet, I want to finish at least the first clue before taking some snaps of it.

That’s it… After the last post, I just wanted to say that today, I’m having a good lace knitting day.  (I whispered that last bit…I don’t want it to hear me and decide that it’s been good long enough.)

Happy Weekend, everyone!!

My Life Sucks…

No, not really….

BUT…I have to frog my MS3 AGAIN…  For the 4,234,567th time.  I don’t know why I keep messing it up.  I am not even messing it up at the same point…it’s been a different point every time.


I think I may hate lace.  Or perhaps it’s just because I am moody and emotional and can’t think properly right now.  I think PMS is creeping up on me.  Egads!! I’m cranky and a messed up lace stole doesn’t make it any better.


Nothing real to report.  Just wanted to bitch for a moment, that’s all.
Now back to your regularly scheduled knitting… (or if you’re like me, frogging)



I have been super busy.  I don’t even know with what….it’s that kind of busy.

I have been working on my Mystery Stole 3 (here on out: MS3) whenever I get a chance…  She just released Clue 3 yesterday and I haven’t finished Clue 1 yet!!  LOL  BUT, The Poet, is going to be gone with the car today and tomorrow (meaning my butt will stay home!) so I am hoping to accomplish three things this weekend. 

#1.  Put a dent in the mountain of laundry I have to do.

#2.  Finish, at the very least, Clue 1 of the MS3 stole…hopefully more than that.

#3.  Spin something.  I haven’t spun since May….  EEeeeeppp!!!!  I don’t even care if it’s just one bobbin full….I NEED to SPIN something.

 Wish me luck!!  ;-)
Happy Stitches, all!