I feel stupid! Oh, so stupid!!

So, I’ve been working on a gift for my SIL for her up-coming baby.  It’s the Grabbit baby blanket/bag that I posted about a little while back.  To make a longish story short, I didn’t do the bind off called for because I was out of town without the proper materials needed.  I decided to do an attached I-cord later.  Well, I did it.  Problem being… I didn’t add any stitches when I did it.  I just didn’t think.  My brain went out for cocktails and left me to be an idiot.  I just used the stitches that were there to be picked up, silly me.  This is a circular blanket that needs to lay flat…(anyone see where this is going yet?)  Since I didn’t add any stitches, the I-cord border is the same circumference as the blanket itself… Meaning that it can’t lay flat.  In essence, I had started to knit straight up the sides, instead of making the circle wider…  Started to turn a flat circle into a tube…  It can’t lay flat.  It.. Can’t.. Lay.. Flat..  THE F-ING BLANKET CAN’T LAY FLAT!!!!!!!!  The baby shower is in four days.  It took me six to do the border (I do have a job, unfortunately).  I don’t have time to take the border off and start it again…  So……I’ve cast on and knit the first 7 inches of what I hope is my fastest baby cardigan in the world.

Now… If you will excuse me, I have to go knit.



 In Addendum:
I’ve given up the baby cardi…  I don’t want to give a baby cardi…  We do have a store bought gift to give, so she will get that with a note that the Hand-knit gift will follow shortly, when I’m done fixing it.  The baby’s not due for another month and a half anyway. 


2 thoughts on “I feel stupid! Oh, so stupid!!

  1. Oh… Yeah, I know the baby won’t care. But I am SUCH a perfectionist… She’s not getting that damn blanket until I am happy with. Maybe it will be a graduation from college gift! Hrmph. No, seriously… The blanket is more like a taco shell than a tortilla, if ya get my drift. It really needs to be fixed before it’s gifted. But thanks for the encouragement! LOL

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