I have an addiction…

…and it’s not what you might think…  It’s not yarn/fiber…(that’s a given when you’re reading a knit/spin blog).

It’s CSI: Las Vegas.

I love it.


And it’s because of said addiction that I totally messed up my second Jaywalker and had to rip it out.  I messed it up a little, then I tried to go back and fix it and messed it up a lot…cause I was distracted by Mr. Gil Grissom…  Mmm, mmm… Damn, I love that man. 

So….  I have to start my sock over again….  *shrug*  It was worth it….  ;-)

Happy Knitting, all.


2 thoughts on “I have an addiction…

  1. William Peterson does make CSI appealing! Spike TV running those eppys CONSTANTLY makes live a happier place.

    Will you have your HItchhiker at Spinner’s Group this month? I’m hoping to drag my round self (and my HItchhiker) there …

  2. Mmm…yes he does… I just love those re-runs… I can lose hours that way!! LOL

    I should be there, as will Marvin the Wheel… I hope he’s in a good mood. ;-) I hope you can make it. We can share Hitchhiker notes!


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