So, A Jaywalker, a Baby & a Time Lord walk into a bar…

So, I’ve been busy since we got back from vacation. Busy with everyday life and busy knitting. Before we left on vacation I had cast on for a Jaywalker…my first sock ever (while besides the multiple cuffs and one toe-up failures)…*clears throat* I’m only counting the Jaywalker. Well, I knitted and knitted and knitted some more, turned that heel beautifully all by myself…then somehow I got in trouble with it. The pattern wasn’t making any sense with what was on my needles…(side note: I was using 2 circ’s, and the pattern was written for double points)… I had to stop, in the middle of my vacation (thankfully I had another project with me). I pouted, I fumed, but nothing would make this sock work right with the pattern. I had to wait to consult the Sock Guru or She-Of-The-Million-Handknitted-Socks. So…I got home and emailed Sarah and said HELP!!! No, wait, it was more like HEEELLLLPPPPPPPP MEEEEEE PLEEEEZEEE!!!!!! So she ever so graciously did. My problem, so she figured…firstly, I was knitting it inside out, which isn’t really all that big of deal, but it can get a little funny at times…secondly…at some point in time, I had started to knit the pattern backwards. So…for my first sock I chose a tangy pattern, then made it tangier by knitting it on circs, then even more by knitting it inside out….THEN to make things just extra specially sour, knitted part of it backwards… Bloody hell. BUT, I put the sock into Sarah’s practiced hands…and closed my eyes as she ripped back to the beginning of the heel (which I had made too short, as well) and got me going in the proper direction. She’s my hero. So, here’s the finished Jaywalker. It’s a little too big, I am going to hand wash it and see if I can shrink it up a little. The other is on the needles and is about 2” along. Since I used over half the yarn for the first sock, (EEK) I’ve cast on for the smaller size and will hope that I have enough yarn to finish it. 


 See my nicely turned heel!!!  No holes!!!  Yay!!

I’ve also cast on another pair to make anklets in a bright summery colorway. Something I don’t have to wait until winter to wear. 

I am also almost finished with the Grabbit baby bag/blanket for my SIL coming baby…she’s due in August, but the shower is on the 30th of this month.  I’m using four colors of Jellibeanz (lime, yellow, purple & blue) and I striped randomly.  (we won’t know if the baby is a boy or girl until it’s born, so I went standard crayola brights) The only thing I changed in the pattern is the bind off…  I was on vacation and I didn’t have double points of the proper size so I couldn’t do the i-cord bind off that the pattern called for (could have waited, but I’m not a patient girl)…so I bound off like normal.  Blahg.  Now I have the every loverly job of attaching an i-cord border to it.  It’s going faster than I thought it would and I should be done in a few more hours.  Then the blocking.  Then I’m going to line it (which is also NOT part of the pattern) with this soft lightly fuzzy fabric (kinda like a fancy polar fleece).  I am thinking that the fabric will give it some added stability and hide all the woven in ends from all the striping!!!  Wish me luck with the lining of it.  I’m notoriously fidgety about things like that!  Here’s a few pic’s of “in progress”…  I can’t wait to block it so it doens’t curl up!

My I-cord edging and one of the handle loops…

The Dr Who scarf is coming along nicely too. It’s just over 29” long. It’s kinda handy to have an all garter stitch pattern….see, I am using it to practice my continental knitting…I’m getting pretty good at it, but I am still faster and more comfortable with the yarn in my right hand.  I’m not crazy about the yarn, it’s Encore worsted, and I hate acrylic, tho the colors are a pretty close match (the color in these pic’s sucks).  BUT, dear Bro is allergic to everything under the sun, so I thought that the mostly acrylic was a good way to go. 

Well, that’s all for me.  I am plugging along when I get a spare moment.  Things have been going none stop since we got home from vacation.  I am just trying to keep my feet under me!  Ugh!!

Happy Knitting, all!!


4 thoughts on “So, A Jaywalker, a Baby & a Time Lord walk into a bar…

  1. It turned out beautifully! I was just thinking about you this afternoon and wondering how far you had gotten. I’M SO FRIKKIN’ PROUD OF YOU!!!

    Maybe now you understand the call of the sock? They’re portable and you can wear them quickly. Now go forth and make more. You did a great job on a not so easy pattern. Especially for someone who has never done a sock before.

  2. Thanks, Girlie!!
    That means a lot, especially from you, who has knit….what, like a 1,000 socks by now!!! LOL ;-)

    I am trying to be good and get the second sock done, but the finished one is HOT and I know I won’t be able to wear them for months…so I’m itching to work on the anklet version that in my head. Grrr…
    But, all things are on hold until I get that Grabbit done anyway!!


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