What can I say about Lothlorien that can even come close to describing the experience, the place, the people, the magick…???  Words seem hardly adequate to illustrate the place for people whom have never been. 

You wake to dew-damp woods, alive with bird song, sleepy tent whispers, and the scent of smokey embers.  Time doesn’t belong here; watches are forgotten, an relic of another world, another place.  As your sleepy feet take you to the privy than to Jake’s Greasy Spoon (for coffee and festival donuts, of course) you catch snippets of conversation, anything from quantum physics, to the lastest Dr Who episode; from the best blend of incense to clear negitive energy, to how a peanut butter and jelly cordial is made.  Jingle, jangle of ankle bells; pounding feet of children, free for the moment from society’s eyes;  soft (or loud) moans of passion from a nearby tent.  Beautiful people of all shapes, sizes and colors wander here and there wearing brightly colored sarongs, or perhaps a kilt…or even nothing at all…

You wander the circle and see all the pretty, shiny baubles for purchase: jewelry, alter goods, a full rainbow of sarongs and scarves, knives, drums, books, herb plants…  A purchase here and there…trinkets to take home…memories you can hold in your hand.

Ah…it’s time for a shower…slatwood dividers, open air shower stalls with vines climbing the walls, pebbles cover the ground, water heated by the sun and a fire.  Getting clean has never been so earthy.  Making compost has a whole new meaning here, in this place…  Compost Privies are a wonderful, but somewhat smelly, thing. 

Do you want to watch the May Pole dance??  Or perhaps get a massage??  Just sitting around the smoldering fire, talking, bantering and laughing is a good way to pass the afternoon.  The the sun begins to drop and the ‘bottles of wonder’ come out…  Let’s play the “What Flavor Is This?” game with the unlabeled homemade cordials!!!  Hmm…this one is Chocolate, or perhaps Mocha???  This one tastes like raspberry cough syrup…but in a good way!!

 It’s dark now…the fire is blazing in Thunder!!!  When will Bec spin her fire poi??  Maybe the guy with the fire staff with spin tonight!!  Trance dancing around the blaze as the thump, thump, thwack of the drums slips into your heartbeat…your body moves, you can’t help it.  It’s not a time to sit still…you sway, to and fro with the rhythm.  It’s infectious.It’s very late…the moon is over head…You wander slowly back to your tent along dark wooded paths lit by candle light… You fall asleep to tribal drumming, the soft howling crackle of campfires, laughter, crickets and the gentle rustle of wind through leaves.  Perhaps tomorrow night you will fall off the earth……..


8 thoughts on “Lothlorien…

  1. It’s an awesome place… I can’t wait to go back. I wish I had pictures tho… It seems that I always forget I have a camera with me…

  2. Hey! You left out spinning in the woods! Though I’m not a knitter, I thought your hitchhiker – does it have a name yet? – was freakin’ awesome! Even when it was giving you a hard time… ’cause I’m a bastard and that was funny.

    Such a beautiful description (poetic even!) of that magical place. *tear* I wish I could go back now…

    I might have mentioned it several thousand times, but it was wonderful to see you again & to meet A!

    btw, where’s this porn blog? ;>

  3. Hyena!!!!!!!!! ((HUG))
    Oooohh…. It doesn’t have a name yet… I’m having a hard time picking one!! Maybe I’ll call it Harvey or Morty or something. I wanted something from “The Hitcherhiker’s Guide…” but, I can’t seem to settle on one. Or maybe I will paint a really awesome Art Nouveau pattern on it and name it WIliemina… Hmmm… I actually like that…

    *sigh* I wish I could go back now too… Imagine how quiet it would be… Oh, it would be so wonderful…. I want to feel the crunch of that circle under my feet…

    Ya know… It was awesome seeing you again!! I can’t wait until next year!! Unfortunately we won’t be there for Magick…which sucks, but there it is.
    Tell Bec and all we said hello!!!

  4. I will definitely pass along the hello. I will most likely not be going to Wild Magick either. The time off & cost is beyond my financial capacity ESPECIALLY since I’ll be going to visit Nick in Idaho in August.

    What was the disfunctional robots name from one of the hitch hiker guide books? (It’s been so long since I’ve read them…) But that could be a fun name for it since it was such a pain… though, you might not want to give it any ideas. ;>

  5. Well, I think going to see Nick is a much better idea than Wild, anyway…. Will he becoming to ELF next year??

    It’s been so long since I’ve read it, I had to look it up.
    And, Hyena, my dear… It’s perfect. BECAUSE Marvin was so depressed and bored because he felt he was underutilized…and since this wheel is just my travel wheel, I don’t use it very often!!! This is awesome and perfect and you ROCK MY WORLD, you woman of wicked sweetness!!

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