Ahhh…Exhausted Bliss

It’s the day after and I am beat.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially…most profoundly…beat.  But, damn, did I ever have a blast.  It all started Friday night with a phone call…  Dear Sarah wanted to know if I was interested in helping out at Tess’ Designer Yarns in the morning… SURE!!!  I said give me a call when you get up and I will pull myself together and get my butt out there extra early.  Well, at about 11pm I decided that it was time for bed…yeah, well, I was so jittery and excited, I couldn’t sleep.  I was awake off and on all night.  The phone rings at about 6:20ish…give or take…I just barely squinted at the clock when I rolled out of bed, threw myself into the shower, into some clothes and out the door.  I rolled into my parking spot at the fair grounds at 7:23am.  I started working at the Tess’ booth at 7:30am…took an hour break at 11:30ish and then went back and worked until 2:45…at which point I developed a screaming headache and decided to call it a day before the pain made me blind or worse cranky with a customer. 

Saturday’s take:A Hitchhiker wheel
– 1 lb of baby alpaca fiber, natural cream color.
– 1 lb of mohair fiber, natural cream color. 

Sunday, I was there, bright and early again, but this time to see the Sheep to Shawl competition get under way.  My friend Kyleen, a S&W virgin, came along and we had a blast.  We met up with Sammy, who had the little man in tow and the four of us wandered around looking for warm sunny spots that were hopefully out of the wind (we never did find any).  We poked around at this and that…and had a fine time.  I was going to help out at Tess Yarn’s again, but since it was a little slower, she didn’t need anyone during the afternoon.  I couldn’t stay for the break-down…Avery and I were celebrating 9 years yesterday evening (our anniversary isn’t until Tuesday, but he’s going to be out of town)…and he wanted to see me for a few hours at least, and go for dinner. 

Sunday’s haul:
– one pair of spinning wheel earrings
– 2700 yards of medium blue alpaca yarn, sport weight, from Tess’ Yarns…most of which was my pay for working at the booth.  Most excellent!! 

All in all, a great haul and a great time!!   Just for a moment, let me sing the praises of Tess’ yarns and the wonderful proprietor Melinda…  Beautiful, amazing, glorious yarns in every color you can imagine and a stunningly fantastic woman that brings them all to us!!  Melinda was a joy to work for…and I will, hopefully, be able to help out again next year.   


3 thoughts on “Ahhh…Exhausted Bliss

  1. You DID get one too! I’ve been waiting to see if you got a Hitchhiker. Got mine first thing and let me tell you — I’m in love already. Let’s sit next to each other again at Spinners Group and compare footprints!

  2. Sammy says:

    Your anniversary is today? Nine years? That’s also mine and Mike’s anniversary (of dating anyway… two more weeks and it’ll be our “technical” anniversary).

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