Adventures in Overdyeing

Before we get to the Adventure…  Just let me vent for a moment about the ineptitude of our leasing company…  Each year, in the early spring, they conduct a mandatory inspection of each unit to check for any repairs that need to be done…and whatever else they can bug you about.  Because we have a dog, they tell us to either crate him, put him in the fenced yard, or have someone in the unit when they conduct the inspection.  Well, we don’t have a crate…if we put him in the yard all day, without supervision, he will shimmy under the fence and run away…this is what he does…he is good at it…he is under constant survellience when out in the yard.  So, the first two are out…  Our inspection was three weeks ago, and Avery stayed home for it this year.  All went well, there are a few issues that need to be taken care of, no big deal.  Well………I get home from work yesterday and taped to the door is a letter from the leasing office that reads:

Per our mandatory inspection team, we need to enter your unit to do some repairs.  We will start some of the repairs on Thursday, May 3rd, 2007, if not all of them.  If you have a pet, please make sure the pet is secured in the back yard or have someone at the unit for the day.
If you have any questions…..blah, blah, blah…. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this manner….

NOT EVEN 24 HOURS NOTICE….  DO I NOT WORK FOR A LIVING????  THE INSPECTION WAS THREE WEEKS AGO….COULD THEY NOT HAVE NOTIFIED US EARLIER OR CALLED TO SCHEDULE A TIME?????  Bloody freaking hell.  So, guess who has the day off, since Avery is away for work.  Yay.  I just had Monday off, for Avery’s birthday…now I have to take today, too.  My in-box at work is over flowing as it is…tomorrow is going to be hell.  I love that my leasing company thinks that people only need a few hours notice to take work off.  F***ers. 

So, enough of the venting and on to the adVENTuring…  Heh-heh.  Yeah, so I know…cheeseball.

I have had a skein of Cherry Tree Hill merino lace for about two years now…  I loved the colorway in the skein.  I loved the colorway after I wound it into a ball…I hated the colorway knit-up… I mean HATED the colorway…  It was called Strawberry Mist or something of the sort (I’ve lost the skein band, of course…and the color isn’t on their site anymore).  It’s sat there, in my stash, staring at me for two years.  Last night at around 9 pm, I decide that I am going to save that yarn… I am going to Overdye it!!!  Yeah.  That’s what I’m going to do.  Hmmm….since the original yarn is mostly pinky-reds with a little lavender-grey tossed in, I decided a blue overdye would be the best bet…make it a litte more on the purple side.  Well, I tend to go over board on my dyeing….made the blue pretty dark….  I was worried that it was just going to turn dark blue, but thought I would give it a shot anyway, cuz I didn’t want to waste the dye by tossing it out and starting again.   So, in went the yarn (after a good soaking, of course).  It SUCKED that dye right up…and FAST!!!    I pulled it out of the simmer-soak after only about 10 minutes…the water was clear…the yarn was really dark…I was worried, but thought ‘hey, I love dark blue’.   I put it in a rinse and then I did a spin cycle in the washing machine (I just love that, take so much less time to hang dry!).  When I pulled it out of the spin cycle.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The yarn had taken the color up a little unevenly…there were still bits that weren’t overdyed much at all, some parts were a brilliant deep midnight blue, some purples…some pinky-reds peeking thru.  Wow, was it ever pretty…now to let it dry and see the real color.   Whatchu think??

 I saved a little bit of the original for comparison.  Now….I love it in the ball, will I love it knit-up???  I am gonna play with it and let you all know later!  After all, I *DO* have the day off!  ;-)



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