That’s been the thought running through my mind for the past few weeks…
It’s coming…and soon.

I’ve been trying to decide what it is I am going to be hunting this year…  At first, I thought I would buy a ton of fiber to dye and spin…  Now, I am REALLY considering a Hitchhiker.  Don’t misunderstand…  I LOVE Charlotte…she’s more precious to me than gold….but, despite the fact that Ashford named her breed “Traveler”…she just doesn’t like to travel much at all…she’s quite fussy about it actually.  She’s cumbersome, albeit an attractive cumbersome….but quite unwieldly nonetheless.  I worry about her safety, every time I take her somewhere….She’s had a broken flyer once already… I need something that really actually travels well, something small, lightweight….affordable.  The Hitchhiker may just fit the bill.  I will be, at the very least, trying one out.  Besides, it takes Ashford bobbins….and THAT, dear reader, is a HUGE selling point for me.  I have a ton of them, they are easy to get (at the ever wonderful Cloverhill) and they are inexpensive.  I can use Charlotte at home, then pop off what ever I’m spinning with her and take it with me on the Hitchhiker (yet to be named…er, I mean, purchased…I mean, even looked at…..aw, crap…who am I kidding, we all know if I like the way it spins, I’m bringing one home…  Hell, I’m even thinking about what color to stain it already.  eesh.  I’m so transparent!)

Pleasant Wooly Dreams,

P.S.  I had 18 inches of the Dr Who scarf done….  Yes, had.  I found a dropped stitch 8 inches back…  Frogging is NOT a stress reliever…I don’t care what anyone says.


2 thoughts on “Dreaming…

  1. I’m so glad I was able to talk you into the Hitchhiker on Friday, LOL. I can’t wait for mine.

    My Ashford is named Charlotte too :)

  2. LOL
    Yeah…thanks for all the info on them!! I’ve been looking at a few portable models for a while, but after talking to you, the Hitchhiker just seems like a good place to start. I’m going to at least check it out.

    Your wheel is a Charlotte, too!! It just seems like the perfect name!!

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