Project: Save the Bag

So, awhile back I posted a pic of a felted Noni bag that I was working on.  Well, wha-had-happen-was… I started to run out of yarn and needed to bind off about 8” short of the pattern’s suggested 18”.    So, with a little yarn left, I decided to change from a deep, wide bag (this shape [this is actually the pattern/bag I was making…]), to a shallow, long bag (this shape [side note: don’tcha just LOVE Lexie’s bags!!]), with a cute little ruffled edge at the top.  Well, the felting went a little weird; it got way too shallow and actually seemed to grow in length…  It’s now about 18” long and about 6” deep…and can’t even begin to stand up on it’s own.  Any longer in the washer and I would have had a beautiful felted TRAY!! I panicked at first… I freaked out, threw a tantrum, a hissy fit, tossed it in a corner and threw myself to the floor and pouted.  Then I started to think, to ponder, to wonder, to dream, to imagine… I grabbed my colored pencils, some paper and I started to sketch…  How could I save this beautiful Tiffany Blue felted not-bag…??  How could I turn this floppy, sad thing into a stellar accessory that I could carry with pride, instead of crammed in a drawer somewhere, and labeled a “failed attempt”?  Could I do it??  I wasn’t sure, but you bet your ass I was going to try!! 

Thus began…  Project: Save the Bag 

1st Objective:  Give the bag some depth.  It’s definitely too shallow to be of much use.  How do I want to achieve this…???  The easiest way, add a cloth bottom to the bag.  Can do…will do. 

2nd Objective:  Shorten the bag.  It’s too long, so how do I take width away and mask the fact that I did that??  Cut bag vertically, off center, seam it closed, hide seam with a decorative ribbon or cloth panel.  I went with ribbon. 

3rd Objective:  Make the bag look like it was meant to be that way…  How to do this??  Line it, stabilize it, add an inside pocket or two, add nice wooden handles, some kind of snazzy accent, perhaps beaded and finally, those nifty little metal feet (called “foot brads” I’ve just learned) on the bottom. 

So, here’s what I have…  The long, floppy bag that won’t stand up:


Here’s the horrid sketch of what I am aiming for (based on all the stuff I picked up JoAnn last night): (and feel free to make fun of my artistic ablility….or lack there of…)

Here’s the stuff:


Let’s hope I can pull it all together something like this:




4 thoughts on “Project: Save the Bag

  1. Sammy says:

    Oooh, that’s going to be purdy. I love that fabric!

    (I would have commented sooner–we’ve been super busy. Need to buy a couch, desk or coffee table? HA!)

  2. Thanks, Sammy!! A couch, desk OR coffee table…huh?? Well, that sounds like super fun! I LOVE furniture shopping! Hope you can come out and play soon!

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