I have so much to show you!!


This is Ancient Kingdom from Inspiration to Knitted Swatch.  I love how it spun, I love how it knitted up….  I love the hand, the slightly textured feel of it, the drape…  I love it.  I love the whole of it.  There isn’t one thing I would change about it.  Which says a LOT to anyone who knows how picky I can be.  (I Frog better than I Knit!)

I am thinking of a cardigan.  Something with simple lines, but an interesting construction.  I found THIS on Berroco’s site, and like it quite a bit.  I also like THIS.  Both utilize clean lines and simple stitching…  I think I like Sanpoku more (the bright green/yellow one).  Any stripes would end up on a diagonal, which is better than horizontal!  What do you think??? Any opinions or other patterns you know of that might fit the bill??














What did I do with my Paid Holiday….??

I decided to dye some more roving….

Tidal Pools (4oz)



 Gustav (I’m a little bit Klimt) (8oz)


Rain Slicker (4oz)

MY QUILT….is almost done!!!  Just a little further on the binding…. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!



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