The shining joy & jewel of all my kingdom

Let me tell you a little story….  Avery gave me the most beautiful card for Valentine’s Day…  It had the most incredible poem on it from ancient India.  The card was purple, light and dark, with an orange panel (which held the poem) with hot pink and gold acccents and the last line of the poem is “The shining joy and jewel of all my kingdom”. I loved the card so much, I took it to work and tacked it to the board in front of my desk… I look at it all the time…. It’s on of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot given my past job of Stationery store manager (lots and lots of cards…) The more I looked at the card, the more I wanted to carry it with me some how….to bring the colors (and the feeling I get when I look at it) to other parts of my life…  So, I got the bright idea to use it’s colors as a colorway….I would make my wonderful card into yarn, and that yarn into some thing to wear…  Hmmm…..

I spent this afternoon dyeing 1 whole pound of wool roving into this colorway….

May I present “Ancient Kingdom”….

 I can’t wait until it’s dry so I can start spinning it….

Happy weekend!!


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