Tipsy Housewife and a Quilt

First, the Tipsy Housewife….

So I thought I would try my hand at that fancy sort of spinning/plying that Jacey does so wonderfully over there at Insubordiknit….  Yeah… It’s pretty hard…  I like the way it came out, but I need LOTS OF PRACTICE!!!  It’s just a little crazy, not too much….hence the title of Tipsy Housewife.  There are appearances to maintain…no use in getting too wild and crazy!!  The colors remind me of a suburban housewife, too…  It’s pale greens, mauve and taupes…it’s from MamaE’s…called Berry Cobbler or something like that…

There are so twisty bumps and some weird little places that I did a weird little thing with one of the singles while plying and I don’t know what to call it…  You can’t really see what I am talking about in this pic, it’s more of an “in-person” kinda thing.  All in all, I like the way it came out. 

The Unveiling of the Quilt Top…..

Bad lighting and from a distance…  Can’t really tell the colors all that well…  The dark spots are either plum purple or chocolate brown….but you can’t really tell them apart in this shot!  There are three different yellows in here….hell, there are 16 different colors in this quilt…hard to tell that from this photo…but, eh >shrug<  It’s going to be bound and backed in brown….  I want to use a cream or pale yellow thread to quilt it with…  I think that white may be too harsh against the plain brown back…  I dunno…  I will talk with my MIL, the quilt queen…

Happy Wednesday, all…


4 thoughts on “Tipsy Housewife and a Quilt

  1. christine says:

    you could stitch in the ditch using brown thread. that would keep the back all brown, incase your stitches are not perfect, and you would not see too much of the brown thread on the front between the colors. or you could be totally wild and quilt just inside of each square with the same color as the square. that would make the back a colorful creation as well. just some thoughts. :)

  2. I’m cheating, you see…. It will be quilted using MIL gigantic quilting monster machine…it’s an all-over stipple-style pattern that is done in squared-off lines, instead of squiggly lines…it’s very cool and fits the color blocks well… But, I could use brown…that would look awesome!! Good idea!!! Thanks!

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