So, I had a little accident with my spinning wheel a week ago…  I was going to the monthly meeting of the Baltimore Spinners at Cloverhill and when I picked
Charlotte up to take her out of the car, her flyer jumped off, went over my shoulder and hit the pavement from about 6 ft up!!  Needless to say, the flyer broke.  I almost cried.  I went in and told Chris (the wonderful proprietor of Cloverhill) and she said not to worry that I could order a new one and borrow one of hers in the mean time!  Thinking I would try to glue the original one… I didn’t order one then, and turned away the loaner at that time…  I went back yesterday and ordered a new one and took home the pro-offered flyer until my new one comes in.  I just don’t think that it’s going to glue back together smoothly enough for me to be happy with it.  I will get the new one and stain it (ugh) and move on… 

Have a wonderful and creative weekend, all!



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