Knit and Spin…

So, I got a ton of roving and the book, Color In Spinning, from Forestheart Studio  near Frederick, a little over a week ago.  It’s been dyed and drum carded, but it is still a little on the rough side with some VM in it…  It’s scratchy and fun.  I tried spinning it as is, but decided that I really needed to card it again. So, I went out and bought a set of hand carders.  Boy, that is FUN!!!  I am mixing colors and carding rolags and spinning like mad!!  I made two singles, each of about 6 different colors…then I plied them together to make this yarn…  It’s really pretty, and really scratchy….  I’m thinking it’s a small bag or desktop basket or something that doesn’t really touch skin!!  LOL  It’s a good, steady worsted weight…. A nice 10 WPI… The yardage isn’t great…only about 73 yards… I’m thinking that I will spin a complementary yarn for it… Maybe something with more yellows and greens…..  Hmmm……


 Avery wants me to name it “Catch of the Day” because it reminds him of a tropical ocean…  But it reminds me of a Monet painting…one of his water lily paintings….  What do you all think??  “Monet in a Blender” or “Catch of the Day”?? Or something else entirely…  What say you???   

I also had a little bit of one single left over and decided to play with Navajo Plying…  That is a wild and wicked method!!  I love it.  It will be perfect for the next single I am spinning, because I made each rolag with the same base colors, and then added more of one of the colors to make that color dominate…So there is a bit of striping going on in the single…  I want to use the Navajo Plying Technique (NPT) to keep those stripes true.  Problem is, I need to spin a butt-load of the single…   NPT takes 3 times as much single, because it makes the single into a 3 ply yarn…  Bloody hell. 

I’m also working on a felted bag from Noni Bags….


 I am not putting the flowers on the front of it, tho.  It’s a wonderful Tiffany blue.  I am going to put little belt loops at the top and then make a black felted belt for it with a “bow”…black handles…a magnet closure, lining and little feet…   Can’t wait until it’s done!!  AND, I want to make one just like the one on the pattern (yes, I actually want to USE a pattern, Chris)…I love the subtle stripes charcoal and black with the huge red flower… I love this pattern.  I love the shape of the bag… It’s wonderful!! 

I’m off to West Viriginia this weekend to start working on my quilt…. I can’t wait!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Knit and Spin…

  1. christine says:

    how did the quilting go? you have to tell me more. i too have been quilting. a woman i work with just signed us up for a block of the month club. she emailed me today telling me jan-mar came so we can get started. i love it! anyhow, i am happy you are going to use the pattern but i am jealous that you don’t have to. :)

  2. Hey Chris!!
    I haven’t started the quilting yet, at least not beyond washing and ironing the fabric… I start tomorrow… I will let you know how it goes!!! It’s awesome that you are quilting too!
    BTW, you don’t have to use patterns if you don’t want to… You just think you have to… Free your mind…. ;-)

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