Picture Post…Now with Words!!!

This is me and my dog.  He likes to wiggle behind me and stick his nose under my arm.  I think it helps keep it warm!  He makes a nice back rest, anyway! 


The two above pics are of a mauve colorway I spun of from a roving I dyed.  It’s really pretty and I left it as a single, since I didn’t have too much of it.  (see pic of final yarn in newest post)

This is the Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool that I dyed using food coloring.  The colors are amazing!  I have about 200 yds of the purple/grn/teal and about 270 of the yellow/orange/raspberry… I don’t know what to do with them.  Any suggestions???


5 thoughts on “Picture Post…Now with Words!!!

  1. lol
    Just for clarification… I DID NOT spin the brightly dyed stuff. It’s just Fisherman’s Wool from Lion Brand.

    The mauve stuff is the one that I only dyed a little of and what you see on the bobbin is all there is of that one. It’s a bummer, cuz it’s really pretty. I’m gonna try to reproduce it, but I’m not holding my breath about the colors coming out the same. Oh, well… Lesson learned.

    No one gets anything until I have worked out all the kinks!! But look forward to handspun and dyed gifts in the future! LOL

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